Liberty Safe

"Liberty Safe - Finding a Safe with Fire Protection Not all gun safes offer fire protection, but it makes no sense to lock your firearms up in a safe and not get a safe that also offers this feature. Liberty builds fire protection into their gun safes making them one of the best choices for both theft and fire protection. A basic Liberty safe offers 55,000 BTU's and 20 minutes of fire protection; however you will find that the better the safe you upgrade to the more protection you will get. The Centurion series offers 62,000 BTU's fire resistance and 30 minutes protection at 1200-1400 degrees and the Colonial series steps it up to 80,000 BTU's and up to 45 minutes of protection. There are many other models above these that offer increasing protection from fire with the top of the line Liberty safe offering 131,000 BTUs and 2.5 hours of protection. If you are looking for a Liberty Safe, please visit us at Dean Safe we offer a full line of Liberty Safes and will ship them directly to your door."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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