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    The Right Safe for the Right Level of Protection

    "The number of people and businesses who are investing in a safe or safes, has been on the rise along with the continuous rise in crime. There are so many different types of safes that cover an amazing array of uses. For businesses the most common safes are those that are designed to hold cash, homeowners have a much broader array of needs and as such there are a much wider selection of safes to cover these needs. For the average retail business, the most common style of safe is the under the counter drop safe. This type of safe is designed to be secured under the counter near the cash register. The idea behind it is that the cashier drops excess cash and big bills into the slot instead of leaving them in the register. With the safe out of sight and the manager the only one with the keys, would be robbers would not have access to large amounts of cash. At the same time, have a drop safe like this in your business along with very strict cash drop guidelines for your cashiers, has been proven to be very effective as a means of cutting down on the number of employees stealing cash. At the same time you can add a properly rated cash safe in your office to store the daily intake until you have a chance to go to the bank and make a deposit, further protecting your income. There are several different categories of safes that come under the auspices of those intended for homeowners. For the most part the average homeowner needs a simple safe that is big enough to hold important papers, perhaps a little cash and pieces of valuable jewelry. This type of safe in often not much bigger in size than a shoe box and can be kept hidden out of sight. The main requirements beside security are that it is both fire and waterproof in case of a disaster that destroys or damages the home. The number of homes that have some form of firearm has risen dramatically in the last decade as more people no longer feel safe in their homes. You should never leave any kind of firearm out where a child can get ahold of it, sadly every year there are far too many deaths caused by this exact problem. The solution is to place any guns in your home into a gun safe. They are available in sizes made just for handguns or large enough to hold several rifles and boxes of ammunition. Gun safes are one of the areas where locking technology has been changing rapidly in the last few years. One of the biggest concerns for homeowners is that if their guns are locked up, they might not be able to fumble with a combination lock and get their weapon out in a hurry if necessary. The other complaint is what happens if one of the kids figures out the combination and then gets into their safe? To answer both of these problems with a single solution took the industry a while to develop a solution. Today you can buy gun safes that have a biometric locking system built into them. Rather than relying on a key or a combination lock of any style, these safes use the latest scanning technologies available. When you set your safe up you and anyone else that you want to be able to access the safe will use the biometric scanner to enter your fingerprint into the memory. Now if you want to access the safe you simply scan the appropriate finger and the locks will be released. This way you can have rapid access to your guns in the event of an emergency and at the same time keep out any one that does not belong in there. This type of gun safe is rapidly gaining in popularity as parent seek better ways to keep a gun in the house and still keep their kids safe. At Dean Safe we have found that most people end up buying the wrong type of safe for their needs because the retailer they are buying it from do not carry a wide enough selection of safes. We carry one of the largest selections of ratings and sizes of safes from 20 different manufacturers available. This selection allows us to find the perfect safe by fitting the safe to the customer's needs rather than trying to fit the customer to the safe, which usually ends up with them getting the wrong safe for their needs."