Gun Safes Being Targeted by Thieves

Several burglaries have occurred lately in the Buna area of Texas, and the burglars have been targeting gun safes and televisions. Two gun safes were found on the side of the road and another was reported as seen in the trunk of a car. The criminals are suspected as stealing while people are on the water playing in their boats. While they are out, the burglar will break into their car or if they know the family, they can break into their house. Police are issuing additional caution when leaving your home or vehicle unattended and ask that you leave valuable items out of sight and locked away. By storing your guns in gun safes, you will be able to better protect your weapons from getting into the wrong hands and by purchasing a UL or DOJ rated safe, you improve the chances that they will not be able to break it open. You can also try bolting the safe to the ground or getting a heavier safe that is more difficult to move. All in all, be safe and be smart, don't let a criminal steal your gun safe. Check out the full article here

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  • Alyssa Pasetta