3D Printer Makes First Working Gun


As if technology wasn't moving fast enough already. Imagine a world where anything you can think of can be designed and printed out right at home. Defensive Distributed, a Texas based US company plans on making the blue prints for the first 3D printable gun available to everyone. The gun is made up of separate parts of ABS plastic all printed from a 3D printer. The whole idea here is cost efficiency and instead of buying goods from shops and store, consumers can download designs and print them at home. The legality of these new weaponry is still in question, however currently in the US a person can manufacture a firearm for their own use as long is it is not a National Firearms Act Weapon, such as an automatic weapon. However if they engage in manufacture to sell the gun, they will need a license. This technology is certainly groundbreaking and a huge advancement in manufacturing and potentially the way consumers buy and sell goods. Check out the full article here

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  • Alyssa Pasetta