Safe Lockouts - They even happen to banks!

"Did you know that even banks have their safe locks break? I just read an article about a safe in a bank in Dundee that had a lock that went into emergency lock out and they had to have a safe guy come out and drill it.  It happens to the safes, let's face the facts. Are there things you can do to prevent it?  Yes, a few, and we will recap them here for you.

Electronic Keypads:

  1. Be sure that your electronic keypad does not collect moisture. Because it is an electronic component, moisture may short out your keypad. This should not hurt the lock body itself and usually replacing the keypad will get you back into your safe.
  2. Make sure you change the battery regularly (though it won't hurt the lock for the battery to go dead and you won't lose your combination, if you need to get into your safe quickly and battery is dead, you will have to chase around looking for a replacement.)

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  • Alyssa Pasetta