Eva-dry dehumidifiers solve moisture problems

This is the flip out plug on the Eva-dry dehumidifiers Humidity is a real concern if it happens in your safe. It can rust your guns, create mold and mildew on your paperwork and generally cause havoc. Eva-dry dehumidifiers will solve moisture problems. We carry both the E-333 and the E-500 units.

Features of the E-333 and E-500 Eva-dry dehumidifiers

The E-333 will cover up to 333 cubic feet in space in an enclosed area. The Eva-dry dehumidifiers window (the beads are pinkish) when it needs to be renewed The E-500 will cover up to 500 cubic feet. Other than that there is no difference. Through the little window on the front of both units you will see the little blue beads that make these units so reliable. When wet the little beads will turn pink - When they do you take the unit out of the safe, and plug it into a standard house socket overnight. (They both have a flip out plug.) In the morning the little beads have lost all the moisture that was accumulated in them and they are back to being blue. Put it back in the safe and it is ready to suck out the moisture again. If you have more than 500 cubic feet to protect you can use more units in your safe. You can also use the Eva-Dry dehumidifiers in any enclosed place like a closet or cupboard, anywhere you want to eliminate moisture. They are safe for kids and pets as well as eco friendly. They are non-toxic, colorless and odorless and non-corrosive. The closed container is spill proof and is renewable and will last up to 10 years. So if you have a moisture problem that needs solving, depend on the Eva-dry dehumidifiers to solve them with ease."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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