Consider a Wall Safe for Your Home

The V-Line 41214-S Quick Vault offers superior protection.[/caption] How many important documents and other items do you have in your home?  Where do you keep them?  If you don't have a wall safe you may be taking risks with those documents, that jewelry, your family's silver, and so on.  Strongboxes may not protect them enough and keeping things in a bank's safety deposit box doesn't give you good access to them either. There are many reasons to consider a wall safe over any other type of storage and many reasons to consider keeping those items this safe in the first place.  You may not think that your home and your documents and valuables are worth the investment in an actual wall safe, but this can be shortsighted.  You don't need to be a multimillionaire to have valuable items that should be stowed away securely and you don't need to live in a high risk area to need additional protection for these things in the first place. If you're still not convinced that a wall safe is for you, consider some of their benefits that you should keep in mind. Keeping things safe. Some assume that a wall safe is meant to keep things safe from thieves and may equate them with those old black-and-white movies that show cat burglars sneaking around huge mansions. While it's true that you do want to keep your valuable items safe from thieves, consider how a wall safe keeps those valuables safe from other potential risks.  For example, what if there is a fire in your home; are your documents and jewelry protected?  What if there was a flood or other natural disaster? You might also consider how protected your valuables are if you have persons come into your home on a regular basis.  Do you have housekeepers, landscapers, cooks, babysitters, and others in and out of your home?  Not having your items put away in a wall safe can invite theft from any of these, and that would be tragic.  Anyone with regular traffic in and out of their home would do well to consider this.  When you choose a good wall safe rather than a strongbox or other item, you have things not just protected but hidden as well. Insurance and other costs. In some cases, a wall safe can mean lowering your insurance costs for the valuables you have.  Even if it does not lower those costs, you know that you have less risk of losing your valuables and needing to replace them.  This means less cost for you overall, even if you were to have something stolen and then recovered. You may even see that a wall safe increases the value of your home.  With more and more homeowners being aware of risk factors when it comes to natural disasters, these items may be a nice element to have in a home.  For yourself and your own peace of mind, it's good to consider a wall safe for your home no matter the items you want to keep."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta
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