California Prisons to Release 9,600 Inmates: Citizen Safety in Question

On July 3, a mandate from a panel of federal judges ordered the release of 9,600 inmates due to the extreme overcrowding in California State Prisons. While the bill is being fought and appealed by Gov Jerry Brown with the support of the four past living governors, there are some timing issues that may allow the inmates to be released before the appeal is heard. California citizens safety is about to be breached as assaults, robberies, and murder is sure to occur. Not only is California already experiencing extremely high crime rates, adding an additional 9,600 past offenders is sure to increase crime rates and Brown argues that it will guarantee more Californians would be crime victims. I'm sure by now you're wondering why in the world anyone would think it's a good idea to release criminals that haven't served their full sentence. Overcrowding has been a huge problem in California Prisons and in 2011, Brown signed a bill that attempted to deal with this issue by transferring nonviolent, nonsexual offenders to county jails. This bill would enable California to close the revolving door of low-level inmates cycling in and out of prisons. While it slightly helped with the overcrowding in state prisons, it just transferred the burden to county jails, which surprise surprise, are also already overcrowded. This just continues to be a recipe for disaster with no solution in sight. In addition to all this great information, out of the 16,000 parolees released in Los Angeles County for supervision, 17,000 new arrests were made. This was only possible as some of the parolees committed more than one crime. The supreme court has decided to hear the appeal in the fall of this year, however considering the mandate went into effect on July 3, most of the inmates will be free before the appeal is even heard. California citizens safety is undoubtedly in question and the ridiculousness of our political system continues to thrive. Check out the full article here in the Santa Clarita news.

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  • Alyssa Pasetta