Michigan County Hopes to Reduce Gun Violence by Hosting a Gun Safety Week

"A county in Michigan is getting ready for a Gun Safety week that they intend to help reduce gun violence. The county of Washtenaw are hoping that this week will decrease the amount of gun violence in the area by promoting the importance of keeping all guns locked up and protected. The various agencies of the county have all come together to help promoting ways to reduce gun violence. During a public conference officials spoke about the fact that The United States has a much larger amount of gun violence in comparison to countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Australia. They worry that if we do not continue to promote Gun Safety than the amount of gun violence in our nation could spiral out of control.  The county officials mentioned that ""in 2010, about 30,000 people died in the U.S. from gun violence and nearly 60,000 suffered non-fatal, gun-related injuries."" With numbers as big as these they believe that we must do whatever we can to help lower it and they believe this Gun Safety week will help to do that.  Gun being locked up properly a cable style gun lock. During the conference they also brought up the danger posed to children when guns are not stored properly. They estimated that ""more than 2 million children live in homes with unsecured guns in the U.S."" During their Gun Safety week the Washtenaw law enforcement agencies will be handing out free gun locks in the hopes of lowering the number of unsecured guns within people's homes. Police Chief Gary Schnerlinck was honored to be apart of helping reduce gun violence and when talking about the gun safety week he said ""Gun security and safety is an excellent preventative tool when it comes to the overall health and safety of our communities.""  Events like these no matter how small or big they may be, are always good to hear about because everyone must know the risks behind guns and the importance of storing them properly. If you wish to hear more about Washtenaw County and their Gun Safety week you can find the full article here."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta