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    CALL OUR SAFE EXPERTS AT 800-827-7534

    AMSEC BFX7240 American Security BFX Gun Safe

    Black Textured / Chrome ELS10 Option Estimated Back in Stock: Mid June

    All Other Color Options Ship in 12-14 Weeks

    • External Dimensions 71 ¼"H x 40"W x 26"D
      (Add 3" to Depth for Handle)
      Ext. Cubic Ft 42.73 Cu Ft
      Internal Dimensions 65 ½"H x 36"W x 19"D
      Int. Cubic Ft 25.93 Cu Ft
      Weight 1647 lbs
      Gun Capacity 38 Total Guns
      Fire Rating 2 Hour (ETL Verified)
      Burglary Rating UL RSC Burglary Rating
      (Exceeds CA DOJ Requirements)
      • UL listed Residential Security Container (RSC)
      • U.L. Rated Mechanical Dial Lock
        • Electronic Lock Option Upgrade Options Available
        • ¼” Thick Hard Plate & Re-Locker
        • Gear Cam Housing with Precision Engineered Lock Bolt Protection
      • Fire Rated 120 Minutes at 1200°
        • Palusol & Silicone Fire Seals
      • 2" Total Wall Thickness on All Sides
      • 3/8” Steel Plate Door
        • Pry-Resistant Dual Reinforced Steel Door Frame
      • 14 Massive 1 ½” Solid Steel Locking Bolts
        • 4-Way Active 4x Gear Driven Bolts
      • Body Constructed with:
        • 11 Gauge Outer & 12 Gauge Inner Steel Liner
        • Advanced Concrete Insulation Material In-between Double Steel Walls
      • Proudly Made in USA
      • Mirrored back Wall
      • Premium Door Panel Organizer
      • Power Outlet
      • 36” LED Light Kit
      • Multiple Exterior Paint Color Options
      • 5-Spoke Handle in Multiple Hardware Color Options
      • Decorative Hinge Finials
      • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty Paint Included
      • Lifetime Warranty Against Theft & Fire

    Color Option:
    BK Satin Black Textured
    GR Granite Textured
    ST Sandstone Textured
    OX Onyx Gloss
    PE Pearl Essence Gloss
    PL Platinum Metallic Gloss
    CM Charcoal Metallic Gloss
    BO Burnt Orange Gloss
    LR Lazer Red Gloss
    SB Sapphire Blue Gloss
    OXBK Onyx Gloss/Satin Black Textured Two-Tone
    CMGR Charcoal Metallic Gloss/Granite Textured Two-Tone
    BDBK Black Diamond Gloss/Satin Black Textured Two-Tone
    Hardware Color Option:
    Black Nickel

    • Looking for the Best Made in USA Gun Safe in the Universe?

      American Security Products (AMSEC USA) has always had the high end commercial customer in mind making safes primarily for banks and establishments that need high security. Over the last decade, AMSEC has made their claim to fame in the gun safe industry with the almighty BF series by taking these commercial security aspects and introducing them into your everyday gun safe. AMSEC has taken the BF series to a whole new level with several new advanced security features making this the Best Made in USA Gun Safe in the Universe.

      The AMSEC BFX7240 gun safes are considered the most unique gun safes in the industry with its 1/2" steel plate door combined with 1" DryLight insulation, 2" total wall thickness on all sides also filled with DryLight insulation and the body has  two layers of steel,a 11 gauge outer steel liner and 12 gauge inner steel liner, for exceptional fire and security protection. With all that steel in the walls we end up with a total thickness of 7 gauge! AMSEC has advanced independent locking bolt works that are sledgehammer and punch-proof with all individual locking bolts operating separate from each other on a 4-way gear driven boltwork locking system. On the AMSEC BFX7240 you get fourteen corrosive resistant 1.5" solid steel locking bolts that lock into a double reinforced steel frame making this the industry's best pry-resistant boltwork.

      The AMSEC BFX7240 has DryLight in between the steel of the walls and door, which is an advanced poured concrete insulation material that eliminates the use of gypsum board and creates a dry and seamless barrier providing ETL verified fire protection of 120 minutes at 1200°. It's proven to maintain interior temperatures of less than 350° and has 2 stage dual fire seals with a silicone seal on the door jamb and an expandable Palusol and Silicone seal on the door that'll keep the smoke out.

      On the door of the AMSEC BFX7240 lies a U.L. Rated Lock of your choiceand a decorative five-spoke handle in chrome, black nickel or brass.

      Once the correct combination is entered, the ultra smooth gear driven locking mechanism with increased handle rotation allows the door to open on the commercial grade, adjustable ball bearing hinges that can swing open a full 180°. As an additional feature, the handle will disengage under severe attack.

      Once inside the AMSEC BFX7240, you'll first notice the beautiful mirrored back wall that provides increased visibility. Next you'll find the "All-in-One" interior that comes with two cover plates and 4 side shelves which allow storage on all sides of the safe. The included premium door organizer (PDO) maximizes storage space and offers quick access to commonly used items like passports, handguns and other important documents/valuables. There's also a standard built in internal AC power port with a removable external power cord that will allow you to charge your electronics or use a dehumidifying rod. The E-Z Slant-Out interior provides easy access to your long guns and the entire interior is upholstered in rich pin-dot fabric.

      The American Security BFX7240 comes in gloss, textured & two-tone color options.

      The 4 pre-cut anchor holes make this safe a breeze to bolt down and with American Security's "No Cost" Lifetime Warranty against theft & fire, you have the ultimate peace of mind. The American Security BFX7240 has a 5 year parts and labor warranty with a factory installed UL lock excluding paint.

      AMSEC BFX Gun Safe Comparison Chart:

      Safe Height Person Reference

      BFX6024 Gun Safe

      AMSEC BFX6024
      BFX6032 Gun Safe

      AMSEC BFX6032
      BFX6030 Gun Safe

      AMSEC BFX6030
      BFX6636 Gun Safe

      AMSEC BFX6636
      BFX7240 Gun Safe

      AMSEC BFX7240
      BFX7250 Gun Safe

      AMSEC BFX7250
      Height 59-1/4" 59-1/4" 59-1/4" 65-1/4" 71-1/4" 71-1/4"
      Width 24" 30" 30" 36" 40" 50"
      Depth 21" 21" 26" 26" 26" 28"
      Overall Depth (Including Lock & Handle) 23-3/4" 23-3/4" 28-3/4" 28-3/4" 28-3/4" 30-3/4"
      Gun Capacity 8-8-16 Gun + 1 Gun = 17 Total Capacity 9-9-18 Gun + 2 Gun = 20 Total Capacity 11-11-22 Gun + 2 Gun = 24 Total Capacity 12-12-24 Gun + 2 Gun = 26 Total Capacity 12-12-12-24-36 Gun + 2 Gun = 38 Total Capacity 14-14-14-28-42 Gun + 2 Gun = 44 Total Capacity
      Weight (lbs) 751 958 1081 1375 1647 1851
      Locking Bolts / Diameter 14 / 1-1/2" 14 / 1-1/2" 14 / 1-1/2" 14 / 1-1/2" 14 / 1-1/2" 14 / 1-1/2"

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