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    AMSEC BFII7240 Gun Safe with Scratches on Back



    • This is a brand new safe that was shipped out and refused for receiving some scratches along the back of the safe. All of the blemishes have been touched up and are only on the back, the rest of the safe is in absolute pristine condition. It is brand new, never used and ready for it’s home. It has the ESL20XL lock option installed. It’s finished in textured black with chrome hardware. The safe is located at 12990 Branford St Unit A, Arleta, CA 91331


       External Dimensions   71 1/4”L x 40”W x 26”D
       Internal Dimensions   65 1/2”L x 36”W x 19”D
       Weight  1991 lbs
       Burglary Rating  UL RSC II
      • UL listed Residential Security Container Level II (RSC II)
      • 1/2” Steel Plate Door
      • 2" Total Wall Thickness on All Sides
      • U.L. Rated Mechanical & Electronic Lock Options
      • Fire Rated 120 Minutes at 1200°
        • Palusol Fire Seal
      • Advanced Concrete Insulation Material
      • 1 ½” Thick Chrome Plated Locking Bolts
      • 5/16” Inner Steel Liner
      • 4 Pre-Drilled Bolt Down Holes
      • Proudly Made in USA
      • Mirrored back Wall
      • Premium Door Panel Organizer
      • Power Outlet
      • 36” LED Light Kit
      • Multiple Exterior Paint Color Options
      • Decorative Pin Hinges with Finial Caps
      • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty Excluding Paint
      • Lifetime Warranty Against Theft & Fire

    Looking for an even more perfect combination of burglary protection, fire protection and affordability in a Made in USA Gun Safe?

    American Security Products (AMSEC USA) have always had the high end commercial customer in mind making safes primarily for banks and establishments that need high security. Over the last decade, AMSEC has made their claim to fame in the gun safe industry with the almighty BF series by taking these commercial security aspects and introducing them into your everyday gun safe. Now they've taken it even one step further with the AMSEC BFII7240 Gun Safe that has passed the all new UL listed RSC Level II burglary test.

    The   AMSEC BFII7240  is considered the most unique gun safe in the industry with a   1/2" steel plate door  combined with   1" DryLight insulation2" total wall thickness   on all sides also filled with DryLight insulation and   two layers of steel  for exceptional fire and security protection. New for 2018, AMSEC has strengthened the   BFII7240  inner steel liner to 5/16", added the same high security boltwork found on the TL rated safes and added an active hard plate making this safe even more difficult and time consuming to break into. In fact, it   passed the UL RSC Level II Burglary test  which is essentially a TL-10 rating meaning it survived the same tools used on TL rated safes but for a time of 10 minutes.

    The DryLight on the AMSEC BFII7240 in-between the steel of the walls and door is an advanced poured   concrete insulation material  that eliminates the use of gypsum board and provides a dry and seamless barrier that provides ETL verified fire protection of   120 minutes&nbsp at 1200°. It's proven to maintain interior temperatures of less than 350° and has   2 stage dual fire seals   with silicone seal on the door jamb and an expandable Palusol seal on the door that'll keep the smoke out.

    On the door of the AMSEC BFII7240 lies a   U.L. Rated Electronic Lock, decorative five-spoke handle and hinge caps.

    Once the correct combo is entered into the AMSEC BFII7240, the ultra smooth cam driven locking mechanism with increased handle rotation allows the door to open on the commercial grade, adjustable ball bearing hinges that can swing open a full 180°. As an additional feature, the handle will disengage under severe attack.

    Once inside the AMSEC BFII7240, you'll first notice the beautiful   mirrored back wall  that provides increased visibility. Next you'll find the "All-in-One" interior that comes with two cover plates and 4 side shelves which allow storage on all sides of the safe. The included premium door organizer (PDO) maximizes storage space and offers quick access to commonly used items like passports, handguns and other important documents/valuables. There's also a standard built in internal AC power port with a removable external power cord that will allow you to charge your electronics or use a dehumidifying rod. The E-Z Slant-Out interior provides easy access to your long guns and the entire interior is upholstered in rich pin-dot fabric.

    The 4 pre-cut anchor holes make the AMSEC BFII7240 a breeze to bolt down and with American Security's "No Cost"  Lifetime Warranty  against theft & fire, you have the ultimate peace of mind. New for 2018, AMSEC has extended their parts and labor warranty to 5 years with a factory installed UL lock excluding paint.