USA built vs Chinese Gun Safe 100 foot drop test

USA Built vs. Chinese Gun Safe 100 foot drop test

Video Transcript:

Terry has some specs, if you just want to -

Specs, it is just mainly the physics of what we are going to try to do here. Dropping a hundred feet, it is approximately a hundred feet, gravity, the acceleration due to gravity, 33 feet per second or 9.2 meters per second, every second, translates into the impact velocity of about 64 miles per hour. The energy on impact, considering the safe is weighing about 850 pounds, is a little over 67,000 foot pounds of energy.

Wow! That is the physics. That is a lot of energy.

We have done this before, and we kind of think we know what is going to happen. But, but it could all change in just a minute. I am not sure you can stand far enough back!

The circle is getting wider and wider.

That's right! You guys ready? Everybody ready? Ready!

All right let her rip!

All right let us turn it over. There you go! Wow!

Try to open it!