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    Sentry Safe QAP1E Quick Access Pistol Safe Video

    Sentry QAP1E Handgun Safe Video

    Video Transcript:

    Hi I'm John with Dean Safe Company, here's a product made by Sentry Safe Company called the quick access pistol Safe, it is the little brother to the immensely popular home defense center and the electronics are very similar. We've never really featured this product so now's a great time to do it I am going to unbox it and put a battery in it let's take a look at it. I think you are going to like it lot.

    Okay we're going to open this thing up I have a nine-volt battery and it looks like it comes in and nice box. We have got a set of keys in the styrofoam here. Oh, it is a little heavier then it looks. Okay, instructions. Okay now I'm assuming we take the keys and we open this thing up. There we go somewhere around here there has got to be a place where a nine-volt battery goes. I see it and lo and behold it doesn't take a nine-volt battery, it looks like it takes some AA's. Okay I went and I got four AA's. What's nice about the battery pack is that it unsnaps right out of the pistol box and that's kinda cool so even I can whip that up.

    Let us see, does it go the other way, yep. I will snap this bad boy right back in here Oh, yeah! Okay. Put this in there -- oh we're done. Okay now we are going to lock this down oh, this is nice too, it's got a couple of... looks like wood bolts, if you want to screw it into a desk or something, those are great we will not be using them, but nice of them to include that. So let's shut this down now, if I remember the code on the home defense center, (which is changeable by the customer by the way so when you get to put in your own code), you hit a button to wake it up, then you see some really nice little blue lights, then you hit one, two, three, four, one. Okay, that's how easy it is to work.

    Now you've got a very nice closed cell foam on the top and on the bottom to protect your weapons this will very easily fit a ninety two SF for instance or most full-size weapons, not huge, but full-size. The buttons are extremely quiet and it has a hinge here. This makes it very difficult to pry. I do not know how much of this you will be able to see but it makes it very hard to pry, and when you try to get a pry bar in here you can't get in deep because as this thing angles down and you are hitting bottom so you can just hardly get a screw driver in there, and if you do you only get the tip in there, so it really makes it cool.

    So now if you are going to mount it like this on a wall which a couple of our customers do, you might be a little careful because that thing will pop out, let's see how fast okay it's not a big deal that'll work fine. But you see it's got a couple of bolt down holes here.

    So once again this is Sentry's quick access box I'm John this is Dean Safe and I want to thank you for taking a look at the video. I really think you are going to like it. It's a great little box, thanks.