Liberty Safe Gun Safe in Drag Test Video

Liberty Gun Safe in Drag Test Video

Video Transcript:

We are testing to see how tough a gun safe can be. First we tipped it over, tried to pry it open with a bunch of big guys. Then we dropped it from three stories up. Now we are going to drag it behind this truck up this dirt road, get up some real speed and see how it holds up.

(Music playing, sound of safe dragging on the dirt road)

The guys at Liberty Safe have seen it all.

They have seen criminals try anything to get into a safe. So this is a fun one.


Oh my God! It is tearing it up!

(music playing)

Oh, yeah!

(music playing)

Ohhhhh! I think we just lost some rocks!

Ohhh! (laughing)

It is still not open!

You have to be kidding me!


Oh my God!

Oh, we lost the chain! We lost the chain.

That was incredible! It just popped the chain off.

It is kicking up boulders, driving this thing halfway up a mountain.

It is still locked.

Yep, it is still locked

It is locked tight. Well we dragged it halfway up the mountain, now we are going to have to roll it back down the mountain.

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