Retail Store Safes

"Retail stores have been around for just about forever. They allow us to see items in person and play with them in our hands. While shopping has largely moved to the internet at a record pace, the traditional brick and mortar stores will be around for a lot longer. Our collection of safes for retail stores will keep you receipts, cash trays, deposits and coins safe from burglaries and armed robberies."

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

Retails stores typically need a place to store their cash trays overnight, deposit bags during the day and receipts at the end of the night. A sturdy depository safe is perfect for this application. Simply open the hopper located at the top of the safe and "drop" in your cash or deposit bags for secure storage. When it's time to do the bank run, the manager can open the safe and take the deposits to the bank. Drop safes are ideal for daytime storage and should not be used for overnight storage. A safe place to store cash, coins and deposits overnight would be in a sturdy home and office safe or high security safe for stores dealing in high volumes of cash. These burglary and fire rated safes are ideal for storing overnight and you can even add a motion sensor alarm accessory such as the Lockdown Puck to alert you if anyone touches your safe or the heat raises past your threshold while you are away. You can sleep easy at night knowing your cash and documents are protected by a high quality safe from Dean Safe. 

If you need help figuring out the best safe for your retail store, please give us a call at 800-827-7534 and any of our safe experts can provide you a free security consultation!