Quick Access Handgun Safes & Pistol Safes

"Quick Access Handgun Safes are for those who value speed over all else. During a home invasion, every split second counts and when it comes to accessing your handgun, faster is always better. We've compiled our top choices of the best quick access handgun safes in this collection."

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

Our top choice for quick access handgun safes is the Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe. It features a 3/8" thick steel door, all steel body and quick access 6 digit electronic combination. So what makes this safe so special you ask? It uses three coated "hanging" rods in the back of the safe that allow you to place your handgun "at the ready" position. After the door drops down you can grab two handguns with two hands for yourself and your partner. It has the capacity to store another three handguns for 5 in total with three hanging and two at the bottom. For it's size it has the largest handgun capacity out of any safe on the market. It's California DOJ approved as a firearm security container and is extremely affordable for what you get.

Vaultek Slider Handgun Safe

If you only need access to one handgun in an emergency situation, the Vaultek Slider Handgun Safe is by far the best option. Using a patented three-point precision rail system with ball bearing guides, the Vaultek Slider rapidly deploys the safe open and presents one handgun in the ready position. Higher end versions of the Slider can also be programmed with a one touch smart key that activates the safe as soon as it's pressed. There is no faster safe in existence when combined with the Smart Key.


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