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    High Security TL-30X6 Rated Commercial Jewelry Safes

    Let's talk about what TL-30x6 means. This is Underwriter's Laboratory's rating that is recognized worldwide. To get this rating, a safe is tested on all six sides by knowledgeable men with very powerful tools, including drills, chisels, sledgehammers, wedges, power saws, carbide disc cutters, and other miscellaneous tools for a period of 30 stopwatch minutes at a time, over and over. If the safe passes these tests it is awarded the TL-30X6 label and becomes sought after by banks and jewelry stores. A TL-30X6 is considered to be twice as strong as a TL-30 safe.

    The Amsec CFX TL30x6 Jewelry Safes give you commercial protection for your valuables with two hour fire and TL30x6 insurance ratings. The body and door both integrate the high-density insulating materials that tolerate an extremely high fire rating of two hours at 1,850 degrees F. In other words, if you were to have a 1,850 degree fire for two hours, the internal temperature stays under 350 degrees the entire two hours. Paper scorches at approximately 410 degrees, and will ignite at 451 degrees F.

    This safe sets the standard for high-security and fire safes, and it has everything to ensure you have the best protection possible. The U.L. TL-30x6 rating on this safe allows for potentially insuring contents up to a half million in a commercial environment. The rule of thumb is that you can possibly get up to a million insured at home. The AmSec Amvaultx6 TL-30x6 is the ultimate in protection.

    This small button will not allow the door to close while the bolts on the Amsec Amvault TL-30x6 high security safes are in the thrown position, thus saving extensive repair costs to bolts and safe.

    Own a Cannabis or Marijuana Dispensary? Give us a call at 800-827-7534 and talk to one of our safe experts about why these TL-30X6 Rated high security safes are the ideal choice for storing your inventory and cash.


    • Six-inch overall thickness includes a three-inch defense barrier
    • Convenient pull handle on all sizes allow for easier opening


    • All six sides of this safe have been tested - not just the door
    • The TL-30X6 is considered twice as strong as a TL-30 rated safe


    • Three-inch defense barrier constructed of high-strength cement and ceramic matrix surrounded by inner and outer steel plates
    • The bolt chambers and the door are protected by a reinforced door frame to guard against aggressive side attacks
    • The inner barrier also protects against peeling/prying attacks

    The hinge on the Amsec Amvault TL-30x6 safes are on the outside of the safe, allowing the door to swing open and clear the interior of the safe for putting things in and taking them out.


    • Two-hour fire rating at 1,850 degrees F keeps an internal temperature below 350 degrees F

    Locking Mechanism:

    • The chrome plated solid steel bolts move deeply into the body's protected bolt chamber
    • There are six to ten (according to the safe size) 1-1/2-inch diameter bolts
    • A spring-operated detent system keeps the bolts in the retracted position when the door is open, and automatically engage when the door is closed


      • A U.L. listed Group II combination lock is protected by a hard plate that will shatter drill bits and two more spring-loaded devices
      • Optional electronic lock is available
      For extra protection equip your Amsec Amvault CFX TL30x6 high security safe with an optional key lock. The key lock can be used as a "day lock" to lock the safe without turning the dial.
    • Options:

      • Three-Way Boltwork
      • Three-way active boltwork mechanism engages the bolts horizontally and vertically into the body of the safe
      • The entire boltwork system is protected by a spring-operated detent system
      • Auxiliary Key Lock
        • High security key lock has two keys and escutcheon plate.
        • Additional spring-loaded relocking device to protect against punch attack
      • Glass Relocking System
        • Incorporated into the auxiliary key lock, the tempered glass relocking device protects against torch attacks with remotely and randomly placed "cross locking" bolt and thermal cords
        • With the additional glass relocking system, the TL-30X6 will have up to six different relocking devices
    Dean Safe stocks these safes with all three options to give you the best protection possible.


    *Add 2.5 inches to depth for lock and hinges.
    Due to their construction safes dimensions sometimes vary a slight amount. Dimensions are subject to change without notice by the manufacturer.