Concealment Safes

"While safes provide an excellent means for storing and protecting your valuables, having a high gloss safe in the middle of your living room isn't for everyone. The best safe is always the one nobody knows about and concealment safes provide an extra layer of security in their hidden nature."

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

Different Types of Concealment Safes:

Concealed Furniture:

This category has grown tremendously over the last few years with several people opting to hide their guns and valuables in plain site. American Concealed Furniture has been making high quality concealed picture frames, shelves, mirrors and book cases with their patented locking pin system. Both the mirror and the picture frame come with a fourteen gauge steel backing and at first glance you would never know there is a handgun hiding behind it.

Wall Safes:

Wall safes are safes that are installed in the wall and fit right in-between two 16" standard wall studs. We offer wall safes that range from light duty to extremely heavy duty with some even having a fire rating. Wall Safes are the cool safes you typically see in the movies however their one limitation is usually their capacity. For extra deep heavy duty wall safes take a look at the Stealth WSHD1414 Heavy Duty Extra Deep Wall Safe and the AMSEC WS1214 Wall Safe. Be sure to measure the depth in your wall as these safes both come with 10" of depth making them extremely spacious but also deeper than most walls can accommodate.

Floor Safes:

Floor Safes are typically the strongest type of concealment safe when they are installed in concrete. A burglar would need a jackhammer and several guys to help him get it out of the concrete and they often come with the strongest doors and locking mechanisms outside of TL rated safes. The AMSEC round door floor safes come with a C Rated 1-3/4" steel door with three bolts each requiring over 25,000 lbs to shear. Floor safes are truly a burglars worst nightmare and have been the standard floor safe for gas stations, fast food and small retail establishments.


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