American Concealed Furniture

It began with child safety and became so much more...

A growing grandchild with a keen interest in exploring. This is what prompted their co-founder to develop the first American Concealed Furniture cabinet. As a responsible gun owner for many years, he wanted to guarantee the safety of his family while still being able to easily access his firearms. Hiding them right in plain sight turned out to be the answer and American Concealed Furniture was born.

Today, American Concealed Furniture has grown into the first stop for luxury home decor and concealment.

Branching out from it's humble beginnings, the company has become the fastest growing concealed cabinet manufacturer in the country. Now with the ability to hide firearms, jewelry and valuables in many different options, the future seems bright for American Concealed Furniture.

And it hopes to share that brightness with every person that owns an American Concealed Furniture cabinet.