V-line 1394-S FBLK Brute Handgun Safe

The V-Line Brute handgun safe has a mechanical Simplex push-button lock - No batteries needed! The V-line 1394-S FBLK Brute Handgun Safe is new this year. It is a heavy duty safe that is built like a tank. It is a heavy 10 gauge steel with a lid that folds over the top and makes it virtually pry-resistant when it is bolted down to a solid surface. It measures 12.5"" x 9.5"" x 3.6"" on the outside and it weighs a hefty 21 lbs.

Battery Free - Simplex Lock on the V-line 1394-S FBLK Brute Handgun Safe

It has a Simplex mechanical lock with a clutch knob that breaks free and rotates 360° when it is tampered with. The The V-line 1394-S FBLK Brute Handgun Safe will hold two handguns lid has a gas strut that assists it when it is opened. The heavy duty continuous hinge has a welded pin to protect from removing the hinge and opening the box from the hinge side. It has a handsome rugged textured tactical black powder coating on the outside with silk screened and laser cut logos. It has four pre-drilled holes for mounting in the bottom of V-lines 1394-S FBLK Brute handgun safe. The box will not be available until Mid-March but we are taking pre-orders at the V-line 1394-S FBLK Handgun Safe page on our site."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta