Frankford Arsenal Ammo Vaults hold cartridges securely

The Frankford Arsenal ammo vaults open easily[/caption] The Frankford Arsenal Ammo Vault is a handy accessory for shooters and hunters. We have just put them into stock and have both the RMD-20 and the RLG-20. They are made of a highly durable material with an over-molded soft-touch top and bottom that protects both the tips and the cartridges. The adjustable height lid locks on so if you drop the box, it will stay closed and hold 20 cartridges firmly in place. You can really depend on these ammo boxes to keep your ammo organized and protected.

Features for the Frankford Arsenal Ammo Vaults

  • Even if dropped the locking lid will stay on the Frankford Arsenal Ammo Vaults. Over-molded soft-touch top and bottom
  • You can adjust the height for different size ammo
  • A foam insert holds the ammo firmly in place to stop rattling
  • Lid stays firmly closed even if you drop it.
  • Holds 20 cartridges
  • The rubber molding on the bottom protects the cartridges from damage.
Visit our Gun Safe accessories page for more information as to which ammo fits each model or to order them."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta