SWAT Searches State Street Gun Shop in Santa Barbara

"A giant hole was found in the roof of a gun shop in downtown Santa Barbara. The suspect, still unknown, cut a hole in the roof to break in. What the suspect didn't know was that the owners had installed a FlashFog Security System that fills the room with light smoke and triggers strobe lights. This system is intended to confuse and disorient the suspect which allows workers time to escape had their been a robbery situation. Fortunately for the employees this was a late night robbery occurring around 4 a.m., There were no guns taken that they could see, however the Santa Barbara business owner will have to do an extensive stock check to confirm that nothing is in fact missing. Santa Barbara SWAT Team in Action Considering this was a gun shop, SWAT took extra precaution and blocked off the streets within a one block radius. Santa Barbara residents should not be alarmed as there was no weaponry taken, and we can only hope the police find the suspect. Read the full article here"

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  • Alyssa Pasetta