New Product in Stock: Cannon RadioVault

"Human creativity continues to amaze as people find newer ways to store and protect their valuables. Generally when someone wants to truly protect an asset of theirs, they go out and buy a safe that meets their needs. Small safes usually do a great job of protecting jewelry, cash, and other small valuables but they also point a burglar in the right direction during a home invasion. If your safe isn't bolted down, the thief simply picks up the safe and walks out the door with it. They can then just take it home where they have an unlimited amount of time to break into it. What if you could protect your valuables and keep them in an inconspicuous place all at the same time? This exactly what the engineers were thinking over at Cannon Safe Company when they developed this new RadioVault. Instead of making your small safe an obvious target for thieves, they took an I-phone radio player very similar to the popular I-home and converted it into a biometric handgun safe. You simply program your fingerprint into its memory bank, and with the swipe of a fingerprint the bottom hidden drawer pops open revealing your handgun, keys, watch, or whatever other valuables you keep locked up. It has a working FM radio with presets that you can program to your favorite stations. This RadioVault has dual alarms and superior sound quality, so not only does it serve as an excellent safe, but also an excellent music player. The high contrast LCD visual display shows the date and time and Cannon's new RadioVault keeps valuables hidden and protected looks just like a normal I-pod music player. It's docking station supports most MP3 devices, but is designed for all I-Phone models 4S and earlier and can potentially work with the newer I-Phone 5 with an adapter. This RadioVault can sit right on your nightstand with no one ever knowing you have valuables stashed away inside. It's in stock and brand new at"

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  • Alyssa Pasetta