Liberty Safe Survives Tornado Completely In-Tact and Fully Functional

Any time a tornado sweeps through time, it's almost a sure bet everything will be destroyed. This is especially true during an EF5, the most powerful tornadoes measured on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. This however was not the case for one special Franklin Series Liberty Safe in Moore, Oklahoma. Add Liberty Safe to the small list of manufacturers that make products that can weather the fiercest storms. The safe was bolted to the foundation and was literally the only thing left. Amazingly, the safe remained secured, and its contents were fully protected. While the safe is practically in perfect condition, H&H Shooting Sports, the company that sold and bolted the safe is providing the family with a brand new Liberty safe in exchange for the Liberty Safe that survived the storm. They want to put the Liberty Safe on display to show future customers how sturdy theses safes really are. This definitely puts Liberty Safe on the list of recommendable companies and makes us proud to carry their product line.These products are tough, reliable, and most importantly Safe. This also proves the benefit of bolting down your safe, even if it ways over 500 lbs. At the end of the day, congratulations to Liberty Safe for making such high quality products, and you can find all their entire safe line right here on . You can also check out the full article here.

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  • Alyssa Pasetta