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    How to Guide: Picking a Trustworthy San Fernando Valley Locksmith

    "We all hate Scams. You need some work done on your car, your house, or maybe even your business and we all get that feeling inside of us that the random person we hired could really be taking us for a loop and we would have no idea. Websites like Yelp and Angie's List have definitely helped reduce the number of scammers and their longevity in their business but at the end of the day they still exist. A big city like Los Angeles has no shortage of locksmiths willing to take advantage. And a simple lock-pick can easily turn into a replacement of your entire door lock costing hundreds of dollars! So how can Valley residents better protect ourselves from locksmith scams? It's actually quite simple, just follow these 7 steps: 1. If it sounds like a general locksmith company, like A-1 Locksmiths, A Locksmith Service 24 hour, or Always Available Locksmith and they answer the phone with generic phrases like ""locksmith services"" it's probably not your best bet. If the Locksmith cannot or will not provide the legal business name, stay away! 2. Always Always Always ask for identification and their locksmith license. Alabama, California, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas all require Locksmiths to be licensed. If you're in one of these areas make sure you see that license. 3. Always get an estimate before work begins and check with several locksmiths to make sure what they claim they are doing is in an acceptable price range. 4. After the quote is established, ask about extra, hidden, or emergency fees. Shady Locksmiths will try to charge you for emergency hours, mileage or service call minimums after the price and work has been agreed upon. 5. If the Locksmith's on-site price doesn't match the phone estimate, do NOT allow them to perform the work. You will be expected to pay the on-site price so always be asking for prices. 6. If the Locksmith shows up in an unmarked vehicle, they probably are not legitimate. If it's a quality Locksmith, they will be proud to advertise their business and encourage repeat customers. Make sure the vehicle has their name on it. 7. When you're locked out, be vary wary of Locksmith's that want to drill or replace the lock up front. The majority of Locksmith's will know how to unlock almost any door and will not need to replace the entire lock. This creates extra business for them and hence they can charge you more. Angie's list created a National Worst List that aids you in determining a reliable Locksmith. Here are some names they suggest you avoid: A Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith A Emergency A Locksmith A Locksmith Service 24 Hour A-1 Locksmiths AAA 24 & 7 Day Locksmith Always Available Locksmith Emergency & Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith Locksmith Service 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith 24 Hour Locksmith 24/7 Locksmith 24hour a Locksmith A # 1 24 Hour Locksmith A 24 Hour Locksmith A Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith A Emergency A Locksmith A Emergency Locksmith A Kansas City # 1 Emergency Locksmith A Locksmith A Locksmith 00 24 Hour A Locksmith 24 Hour Emergency A Locksmith a 1-24 Hour A Locksmith Always 24 Hour A Locksmith Service 24 Hour A Thirty Five Dollar Locksmith A1 Locksmith Inc-Superb Solutions A-1 Locksmiths A24 Hour a Locksmith AAA 24 & 7 Day Locksmith All Around Locks, A United Locksmith Alocksmith Always Available Locksmith Always Locksmith 24 Hr Always Ready Locksmith Brooklyn Locksmith Columbus One Locksmith Emergency & Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith Emergencya Locksmith Express Locks Dependable Locks Inc. Dependable Locksmith Five Star Locksmith Gold Locksmith Liberty Locksmith Locksmith Locksmith 24 Hour, Inc. Locksmith Service Mega Locksmith Millenium Locksmith Price Line Priceline Locksmith, Inc. Quick Locksmith S.O.S Locksmith Speedway Locksmith Superb Solutions Inc. Superb Solutions Locksmith Top Guard Locksmith USA Silver Locksmith USA Total Security And if you're looking for a trustworthy locksmith in the San Fernando Valley, you're in luck. Dean Lock has been the San Fernando Valley's best locksmith for over twenty years. And we stand behind our work! Please give the expert craftsmen at Dean Lock a call at (818) 892-1234 for any of your lock needs."