Handgun Racks

"From pistol holsters to handgun racks, you can open up shelf space in your safe as inexpensively as you want to. We have combed the industry to find handgun racks that will fit many needs.

Wire Handgun racks

Gun Storage Solutions

Gun Storage Solution Hangers use the empty space under a 3/4"" or 1"" shelf to store your handguns.[/caption] Gun Storage Solutions offer a variety of storage for pistols. they have their ""Made in the USA"" Handgun hangers that actually use the dead space under your shelves for storage. These wire handgun racks clip on the front of the shelf and you hang the weapon from the bottom of the shelf. They fit as small a gun as a 22 caliber. They come four to a package and work best hanging under either a 3/4"" or 1"" shelf. They are a Vinyl-coated metal to protect your weapons barrel.  Gun Storage Solutions Duelies come two to a package They also offer three other types of wire handgun holders. They have the Duelies which are sold two to package. They sit on the shelf or will sit well on your workbench while you clean your weapons. They fit most guns 22 caliber and larger and they are also vinyl covered to protect the barrel of your handgun. Their Back-Over Handgun hangers fit over the back of the shelf and they fit on any shelf 5/8"" to 1"" thick. You can adjust the prong on the wire rack so longer barrel guns can rest on the shelf. They also come in a package of two. Gun Storage Solutions also have a two pack of Back-under Handgun Hangers, these store your handguns at the back of a 5/8"" to 1"" shelf, hanging underneath it. Again the Back-unders are vinyl coated and easily install without having to remove the shelf. All these Gun Storage Solutions products are ""Made in the USA"".

Dry-rod Handgun Racks

The Dri-rod 6 handgun racks are vinyl coated to protect your pistols. Dri-rod Company has a four handgun rack and a six gun handgun rack which are coated in vinyl and hold the handguns barrel up. You can place them side by side, but they will not stack. The four gun measures 10.75"" wide by 6"" deep by 5.25"" high. The six gun is 15"" wide by 6"" deep by 5.25"" high. A great place to hold handguns and inexpensive too.

Other Handgun Racks

There is the Stack-on SPAPR-4 handgun rack. These racks will stack and also hold the barrel upright. They are made of an ABS material and they come with two steel supports which strength the units when they are stacked. They measure 10-5/8"" wide by 5-1/2"" deep and 4-1/2"" high. Precision Products Group makes two four gun racks that are made of closed-cell chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam. They cushion your guns and store them in the upright position. The material contains no latex and will not absorb water easily, and have excellent chemical resistance. The KSI Model 1 stores four guns while the KSI Model 2 stores four guns and four clips. Last but certainly not least is our five gun padded handgun racks. This rack is handmade out of plywood and is covered with a luscious grey carpet which protects your handguns from scratching and dings. It holds five guns and is 15"" wide x 8.5"" deep x 7.25"" high.

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  • Alyssa Pasetta