1,500 Lb. Gun Safe Stolen from Florida Man's Home

"While one wouldn't think Gun Safes would be stolen considering their size and weight, this unfortunately isn't always true. Often times a safe signals to a thief that it is very likely there are valuables stashed inside. Small safes are an obvious and easy target as the thief can just pick it up and walk away with it, opening it at their own convenience. Gun Safes are generally a different story as they can weigh anywhere between a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds. Often times, dealers will tell you that it isn't necessary to bolt down a 1,000 pound safe as it is very unlikely a thief will actually try to take it out of your house. This however was not the case for a man in Florida who had a 1,500 pound gun safe stolen from his home. He believes the incident to have been an inside job as it would have taken 5 guys to be able to get the gun safe out of his home. The gun safe was loaded with 21 handguns, rifles and knives that were family heirlooms passed on between generations. 
Gun Safes can be taken out as easily as they are brought in
Nothing else in his home was taken and someone would have had to have known there were guns inside before the invasion. This could have all been prevented had the gun safe been bolted down. Even if a gun safe weighs over 1,000 pounds it can always be transported considering it had to have been transported there in the first place. Be careful, be safe, and bolt your gun safe down regardless of the weight, and, for ultimate peace of mind, consider the Liberty Safelert gun safe alarm."

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  • Alyssa Pasetta