How to install a 200K Stealth Floor Safe in a wood floor video

How to install a 200K Stealth Floor Safe in a wood floor


Hi, my name is John and I want to demonstrate a really nice little safe that might be what you need in your home or in your RV. It is called a Stealth Q-200-K. Now what is unusual about this floor safe is is that it goes into a wood floor.

It is the only one that I know of that will go into a wood floor and attach itself. And we're going to show you exactly how that works. This particular one comes with the dust cover you will see this at the end then it will make a little more sense. It is a key lock and it has a sliding door so the door slides and comes out.

Now what is unique about this product is that inside it has got a couple of holes the bolts go into and they bring a little wings out. And the wings will go and expand and go underneath the floor. That is what attaches it to the to the floor.

It is a very simple installation. As a matter of fact the friend of mine made me a little four-by-four floor here, and we're going to cut it up, and put the safe, and I can't wait to show you that.

Normally you don't really know what's under your floor, so you should drill an exploratory hole in your floor, get a coat hanger, and feel around down there because you want to get it in between the floor joists since you do not want to cut into a floor joist. This really is not that hard. We have had the advantage where we can look underneath and we want to put this safe right about here.

Now my friend Eduardo is a professional and he is going to help us mark this. We tape it, we are going to cut it, and then we are going to drop our safe in as soon as we cut it.

Now that the hole has been cut we are just going to mount the safe. It is as simple as dropping it in. There we go. Now to secure the safe, we are going to need a rachet set and it comes with some bolts. And you put the bolts in the hole, and when we start ratcheting these bolts the little wings are going to come out and it's going to secure to the floor. And what we are doing is we are expanding these wings down making it virtually impossible to pull this safe out.

Now you could open the safe, undo the bolts, and pull it out. I do not know why you would want to do that, but yeah, you can probably do it. But a burglar is not going to waste his time if he has a door out; he just takes the stuff inside.

But if you wanted to, you could move this to someplace else. Once a safe has been securely installed in the floor, then it is just a matter of putting the door in it. The door goes in, slides, goes forward that locks it on two points. Remove the key, then we have a flush cover plate, that goes on the top, this is literally strong enough to drive a car over, and throw a throw rug over it or something - you are in business.