Stealth Gun Safe Accessories

"Stealth Safe has been making innovative and high quality gun safe accessories for years now. Their ingenuity and excellent warranties has catapulted them to the top of our list for gun safe accessories and you can feel confident that you are getting a great quality accessory from them."

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

Molle Accessories

Molle Accessories are the ideal choice for storing pistols, documents and magazines yet almost no safe companies use the system. After hearing complaint after complaint that the top row of pistol holsters runs right into people's top shelf in their gun safe, Stealth decided to fix the problem once and for all by coming out with the Molle gun safe door panel organizer. With an entire panel covered in Molle webbing, you can arrange your door as you see fit. You can move the pistol holsters all o the bottom, middle or get rid of them entirely. With a variety of included accessories and the ability to use your own, the ability to customize is limitless. With three sizes to choose from an very adjustable straps, you can find a panel to fit nearly every single gun safe on the market.

Velcro Pistol Holsters and Magazine Pouches

Coming out with another ingenious design, Stealth made the XL Velcro pistol holster. 99% of handgun and pistol owners know that you never have just one magazine per gun. Often you have three or four and that's where the XL Velcro pistol holster comes in so handy. By sewing a spandex attachment to the side of the holster you can store your handgun loaded with an extra magazine in the same holster. This prevents you from mixing up all of your different magazines on the shelf. Have two more? Add in the Velcro magazine pouch and you can sort all of your magazines and pistols neatly and organized.

Handgun Racks and Barrel Rests

Made of Polyethylene foam, the Stealth Handgun Racks and Barrel rests are the best in the business. This proprietary material is waterproof, chemical proof and will not mold or rust. The plastic dividers make the racks extremely lightweight making them great for transporting your handguns to the range and back. Just like the XL holster design, Stealth added 4 slot for magazines on top of the pistol rack allowing you to store them right next to each other, eliminating any mix-ups or confusion. The foam barrel rest adds as a helping hand with a magnetic backing that will allow you to conveniently store your rifle outside of your gun safe, against your vehicle or any other metal surface preventing scratches or damage to your rifle or shotgun.


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