SnapSafe Modular Safes

Edward J. McGunn, a third generation safe builder and creator of SnapSafe has designed safes and security products for government, commercial and home applications. As a gun collector, Ed knew that for his long gun and pistol storage he needed a secure fireproof gun safe. But, unfortunately there was the huge cost and effort it took to move a fireproof home safe to the second story of his home. It wasn't only expensive - it was dangerous. What's more, after all that work, it rarely end up in the most convenient location.

Ed knew there had to be a better way to move hundreds of pounds of steel from one place to another. That's when he thought of the SnapSafe Closet Vault, a modular safe.

This modular component safe would come in pieces light enough to carry anywhere and then quickly lock together exactly where needed. It would offer the security of a traditional welded safe but without all the hassle and cost.

Now, buying an in home safe can be as easy as buying any home or office appliance. At last, homeowners can put their home security safes exactly where they want them - close by - where they will get used. Because a safe is no good if it doesn't get used.