Liberty Lincoln Gun Safes

"Liberty’s Lincoln gun safes were North American Hunter magazine's top gun safe choice for design, quality and organization"

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

Liberty’s impressive Lincoln line includes their new Tough Door technology featuring ball-bearing hardplate steel, dramatically increasing door strength and attack-resistance. What's more, Liberty's Lincoln gun safes are packed with triple the fire-board of lesser safes to help them survive even the hottest of fires. 

Available Colors:


More 1.25" Door Bolts on the Lincoln gun safes by Liberty - up to 16 all-active locking bolts, more bolts equals more protection from pry attacks and more.
The Ball-Bearing hardplate snaps drill bits! When a drill bit hits one of the many ball bearings encased in the hardplate the bit snaps or spins on the bearing forever.
  • Survivor of the San Diego wildfires
  • Larger bolts - 1.25 inches in diameter
  • Bolts are 33 percent longer
  • Anti-pry tabs for additional security to the door's pin bar system
  • Newly designed over-center cam mechanism that secures against prying as well as side-bolt punch attacks.
  • New ball bearing hardplate protects the lock from drilling. It's called the "drill snapper" because when you try to drill it, it snaps the drill bit off.
  • Fire rating of 95,000 BTUs (90 minutes at 1200-1400°)
  • Lifetime Guarantee for free replacement on any attempted break-in or fire (including freight)
  • Each model comes with a 4-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • The total body thickness on all models is two inches
  • The Higher Fire Rating - 90 minutes @ 1200°. Protects up to 95,000 BTU's
  • Easy outlet plug for quick "plug and go electricity"
  • Five spoke handle
  • Interior lighting with auto on/off switch whenever you open the door.
The ultimate door storage system comes on the Lincoln gun safes! Quick access to pistols, jewelry, and valuables. Protect important papers in dual COOL POCKETS.
The Premium Accessory Door Panel on the Lincoln gun safes
Bolt Comparison between the Franklin and the Lincoln gun safes by Liberty
Ball Bearing hardplate on the Liberty Lincoln gun safes

Choose from three sizes and many colors from the classy touch of gloss to durable marble or textured finishes for a beauty that will add to any decor and last for years. This is the durability and beauty of our Lincoln Series gun safes.



Liberty Safe and Security Products warrants each new Liberty, National Security or Centurion safe or vault door will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner excluding the lock. If there is a defect in either materials or workmanship of the locking mechanism during your lifetime, we will fix it *free of charge. Liberty will also repair or replace your safe *free of charge if it is damaged during a fire, a break-in or break-in attempt during the lifetime of the original purchaser. There are no hidden expenses with Liberty's limited lifetime warranty, no charge for opening the damaged safe, no charge for freight, and if the safe needs to be replaced, no charge for the replacement safe in your home. When the unthinkable happens, you want to know that your safe is backed by a reputable company, and a warranty is only as good as the company behind it. Liberty, National Security and Centurion (23 cf size) mechanical locks will be repaired or replaced free of charge, including labor, for the first five years of ownership. After five years and for the life of the original owner, Liberty will replace the parts *free of charge. Electronic locks are covered for five years. Liberty Safe and Security Products warrants the painted surface of the safe with a limited lifetime warranty. Liberty Safe and Security Products warranty is transferrable. See written warranty for complete details.
The Liberty Lincoln gun safes have bolts on all four sides Dehumidifier for the Lincoln gun safes by Liberty Auto on/off halogen light system for the Liberty Lincoln gun safes
4-Sided All-Active Bolt Coverage for increased security against pry attacks. The higher the number of bolts, the longer the bolts, and the more sides of the door the bolts are on-the tougher the door is to bend during pry attempts and distort during a fire. A dehumidifier is included on your Lincoln gun safe by Liberty, it helps to control moisture inside your safe. Get clear and easy access to all your valuables with this built in lighting system in your Lincoln gun safe by Liberty Safe.