GunVault Handgun Safes

"GunVault pistol safes are truly premium security products that leave other manufacturers green with envy. The patented no-eyes keypad or biometric pad provide lightning-quick access, even in the dark. Choose from the electronic lock or biometric lock styles when you need quick-access storage for your handgun or valuables. GunVault knows that security and reliability are important to you. That's why GunVault pistol safes have the features YOU want."

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

  • Need quick access to your weapon?
  • Ever had a close call with a child who found your loaded weapon and wanted to explore it?
  • Medicine control while you are not there for an older relative living with you ?
  • Gunvault Pistol Safes give you immediate access to your pistols and other valuables.

By entering your own combination on the GunVault pistol safes, you quickly open the handgun safe and access your weapon or other items you wish to keep secured. They will give you years of quality service and reliability. It has a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

  • These gun boxes give you quick access with your own personal combination
  • Small sizes to accommodate small pistols, jewelry or pill bottles.
  • Large boxes to hold two to three hand guns, wrist watches, jewelry or many valuables at the same
  • Can be bolted down to keep someone from walking off with the box
  • Extra boltdown plates available so the box can be interchangeable between home and car or office
  • They keep small children from accessing the pistol safes and being hurt by a gun
  • GunVault pistol safes are available in a biometric unit that can be opened by your fingerprint
  • Uses batteries or adapter for power to the electronic opening unit (depending on whether you purchase the standard or deluxe GunVault pistol safes)