Front Loading Drop Safes

"Front Loading Drop Safes are the traditional drop safes most people think of with a hopper in the front of the safe just above the door that drops into the main compartment. These are ideal when employees don't need direct access to the main door of the safe with a non-returnable deposit. We sell top quality front loading drop safes from Stealth, American Security and Hollon all with free shipping!"

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

Stealth Front Loading Drop Safes

Made in USA, the Stealth Front Loading Drop Safes are the best value drop safes available. Constructed according to Broad Form and Mercantile standards as a B-Rate burglary safe, Stealth Drop Safes are built tough. In terms of security, they feature a UL Rated Electronic Lock, 1/2" thick steel door, up to 7 gauge steel body and up to five 1" solid steel locking bolts. Internal steel lockers, Cast Iron Door Hinges, Full length steel dead bar, 7 gauge hopper with concave design and included mounting hardware make these the ideal choice for any business. Backed with a 2 year full parts and labor warranty, Stealth offers double the industry standard.

AMSEC Front Loading Drop Safes

AMSEC has been making top quality drop safes for over 60 years and as the years have gone by they have made more and more improvements. Similar to the Stealth drop safes, they feature a 1/2" steel door, up to 5 steel locking bolts, a hardplate and relocker. AMSEC also features coin racks in the door and adjustable shelving to store more cash trays, coins and deposit bags.

Hollon Front Loading Drop Safes

Offering a full selection of sizes and options, Hollon makes their front loading drop safes tough. In terms of burglary, these Hollon drop safes feature 1/2" thick steel doors, 1.2" locking bolts, hardplates and anti-fish baffles. Their heavy gauge bodies and relockers make these safes a nightmare to drill and you can rest assured your deposit is safe in a Hollon Depository safe.