"Humidity and Moisture damaging guns and rusting precious valuables is every gun owner's nightmare. No matter the location of your safe we have the best dehumidifiers for sale to solve your humidity woes. Our thousands of dehumidifier reviews from customers have allowed us to refine our selection to choose only the best home dehumidifier, best dehumidifier for basement and best gun safe dehumidifier."

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

For basement dehumidification, electric dehumidifier rods such as Dri-Rod and Golden Rod typically work best. If you need more of a portable dehumidifier, the Eva-Dry E-333 and Eva-Dry E-500 work best. These quality dehumidifier options will solve your humidity problem in no time. To get an accurate humidity gauge on your safe, you need a moisture meter that doubles as a wireless hygrometer such as the Golden Rod Hygrometer.

Dehumidifier size chart

Size Application Approximate Cubic Feet Covered
12" Small-medium safes range from 6-25 rifles* 100
18" Medium-large safes ranges from 25-45 rifles* 200
24" X-large safes from 45+ rifles* 300
36" Vault rooms and x-large safes in high moisture areas 500
*If the safe is in a high moisture such as a garage or basement it is important that you buy the next size to accommodate the moisture