Church Safes

"Churches are the holy grail of cash. With every Sunday bringing in large amounts of cash from the congregation, every church needs a secure safe to to properly store and protect their funds from theft and fire. "

John Dean
Owner, Dean Safe

Churches typically deal with a large amount of cash.  Unfortunately, this makes churches susceptible to burglaries both internally and externally. To prevent a daytime burglary, a sturdy well constructed drop safe is the perfect option to keep the cash protected. Simply open the cash drop hopper, insert the cash, let it drop into the safe body and viola you have your cash safe and secure. 

Drop Safes are not meant for overnight storage and the cash should be removed each night and either taken to the bank or it can be placed in a more secure, burglary rated safe such as UL RSC home safe, high security safe or floor safe. These options provide better and hidden protection from burglaries. The AMSEC CD7 Floor Safe for example has a drop slot in the door to allow cash or receipts to be placed into the safes body without opening the door. 

If you need help figuring out the best safe for your Church, please give us a call at 800-827-7534 and any of our safe experts can provide you a free security consultation!