Cannon Safe

Imagine coming home to find your home, your sanctuary from the outside world, violated by a burglar, consumed by fire, or destroyed by natural disaster.

There are few things that have such a traumatic impact on one's peace of mind. Which is why Cannon dwells on the very possibility with every safe they design, build, and ultimately, stand behind. They want to make sure that should the unthinkable ever happen to you, that your most precious valuables will always be as you left them--safe and secure.

And while they build their safes with worst-case scenarios in mind, they are really designed to be part of your everyday life. Each offers supreme protection from fire and theft and affords easy access to your valuables day-in and day-out.

Cannon is committed to making sure every household has a way of protecting its valuables while enjoying more peace of mind. A Safe in Every Home™.

Every intruder or burglar is a threat to your security, and Cannon has spent nearly a half century engineering, building and perfecting safes designed to defeat any intrusion.

Massive doors up to 5" inches thick. Locking mechanisms protected by three layers of extra-hard steel. Multiple extra-long bolts up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter on top, side and bottom of door. Unibody construction... all part of Cannon's commitment to keep your valuables yours.

Basic to any safe, of course, is the locking mechanism. Cannon has equipped all of its safes with high-security, Type 1 commercial grade electronic locks for quick access and simplicity.

Every Cannon safe that carries an Intertek-ETL Verified fire rating is determined by extremely tough laboratory tests to determine how long it will take to reach 350 degrees F. internal temperature inside a safe enveloped in flames, particularly at the top where it is hottest.

For instance, their top-of-the-line Commander series has a fire rating of 90 minutes. To prevent heat and smoke from getting inside, Cannon doors employ a triple fin seal that expands with heat, protecting the contents from smoke damage.

All Cannon safes have an internal power station with a double 110 AC outlet for dehumidifiers or other appliances, 2 USB ports, 1 with the option of pass through or charging and 1 charging to keep your computers and electronics charged and an RJ45 Ethernet media connection.