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    American Security AMSEC Wall Safes

    AMSEC American Security Logo
    American Security Products, AMSEC USA, has been the premier leader in the Wall Safe category for decades with multiple sizes, configurations, burglary ratings and fire ratings. Wall Safes are an excellent security choice due to their concealed nature and the fact that they are hidden in the wall and bolted to the studs. First the burglar has to find it, then they have to figure out how to attack it or rip it out of the wall. You are getting more time with every layer someone has to go through to compromise your safe and wall safes have several layers. Read below to learn about the multiple AMSEC Wall Safe options :

    AMSEC WFS149 & WFS149E5 Fire Resistant Wall Safe

    Fire Rated for 1 hour, the AMSEC WFS149 and WFS149E5 are the only fire rated wall safes made by a reputable company that has actually tested the fire rating of the product. Several companies in the safe industry are claiming there products are fireproof, waterproof and burglary proof but the fact is that no safe is 100% proof anything, it is only resistant for a period of time. Any safe can burn, any safe can flood and any safe can be broken into given enough time. How we measure this is through testing agencies such as UL, ETL and various others. All AMSEC safes have been thoroughly tested and the AMSEC WFS149 and AMSEC WFS149E5 are no different. These fire rated wall safes have a 1/2" thick composite fire door, one live locking bolt and two solid steel deadbolts on the hinge side for pry protection. Please remember these wall safes are 15.75" deep so be sure to measure your wall before purchasing.

    1. AMSEC WFS149 Wall Safe - Mechanical Dial Lock
    2. AMSEC WFS149E5 Wall Safe - E5LP Electronic Lock

    AMSEC WS1214 Heavy Duty Wall Safe

    Burglary Rated as a B-Rate, AMSEC took the advanced security features of the Super Brute Floor Safes, added a flange and created the AMSEC WS1214 Heavy Duty Wall Safe. Made with a 3/4" thick steel plate door this burglary rated wall safe is the thickest door in the industry. Adding in the concealment factor and secure bolting to wall studs this wall safe is a tank. It's also CA DOJ Approved as a firearm safety device making it safe for handguns and pistol storage. The AMSEC WS1214 Heavy Duty Wall Safe also features three 1" steel locking bolts, a hardplate, relocker and your choice of UL approved high security lock. The AMSEC WS1214 Heavy Duty Wall Safe is the best burglary rated wall safe you can buy:

    1. AMSEC WS1214 Heavy Duty Wall Safe

    AMSEC WEST2114 Wall Safe

    The AMSEC WEST2114 is the upgraded version of the traditional wall safe you'll see all over the internet. It features a 3/16" steel door and flange and two live action bolts for security but the main feature of this safe is the DL5000 touchscreen lock. The lock can accept two unique user codes and can show open door records so if you are using it as a key box or just with your partner, you'll know every time they opened it. 

    1. AMSEC WEST2114 Wall Safe

    AMSEC WS1014 Compact Wall Safe

    The AMSEC WS1014 Compact Wall Safe is the smallest out of the AMSEC Wall Safe selection and is perfect for small valuables, jewelry, a handgun or small amounts of cash. Similar to the WEST2114 Wall Safe it features a 3/16" Thick steel door, piano hinge and deadbar for additional pry protection. The AMSEC WS1014 wall safe may be compact but it's still tough. The UL Flat Mechanical Lock allows you to still hide the safe behind a picture frame or other concealment device. The AMSEC WS1014 Compact Wall Safe still features 3-1/2" of depth for your most prized possessions.

    1. AMSEC WS1014 Compact Wall Safe