Rifle Rods by Gun Storage Solutions

Rifle Rods create a organized safe that will hold more rifles then without it.[/caption] Rifle Rods can help you organize your safe, as well as helping you get more rifles into your safe. This unique product fits into 22 caliber rifle rods that are 16 inches long. If you only want to use half of the gun rack in your safe and outfit the other half with the Rifle rods you can cut the gun rack in half and use an L-bracket to hold the gun rack up.

Contents in the Rifle Rods kits

In the Rifle Rod 10 rod starter set you get a 15"" x 19"" loop fabric, and 10 injection molded plastic rods. You can store your rifles with scopes as well as single or double barrel shotguns. In the Rifle Rod 20 rod starter set you get a 19"" x 30"" loop fabric and 20  injection molded plastic rods. If you need more rods there is the Rifle Rod 6 pack expansion pack that comes with just 6 rods. There is also a Two Pack Rifle Rods expansion pack that fits 17 caliber rifles.


To install the kit, you take the full-length shelf above the gun rack out, turn it upside down and staple or tack the loop fabric to the underside of the shelf. Put the shelf back into the safe, and simply drop one of the plastic rods into the barrel of your rifle and place the rifle inside the safe and extend the rod until it adheres to the loop fabric on the top shelf. There you go, you're on your way to organizing your safe.

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  • Alyssa Pasetta