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    CALL OUR SAFE EXPERTS AT 800-827-7534

    Fort Knox Protector 4026 Home Safe

    Lead Time for these Custom Safes: 8-10 Weeks(Approximate)

    Call our safe experts at 800-827-7534 to learn about Lead Times, all the Available Options & Upgrades + get a FREE Consultation. Due to the many options available on Fort Knox Safes, we are unable to list all of the available options/upgrades online.

    • External Dimensions 40" H x 26" W x 20" D
      (Add 3” to D for Handle)
      Internal Dimensions 35" H x 22 ¾" W x 12 ⅜" D
      Weight 570 lbs
      Volume 10 cu. Ft.
      Fire Rating 90 Minutes at 1680°
      Burglary Rating UL RSC Rating
      (Exceeds CA DOJ Requirements)
      • UL listed Residential Security Container Burglary Rating
      • 1 3/4” Reinforced Fire Door
      • 1/4” Steel Plate Door + 2 Layers of Fireboard
      • 10 Gauge Outer Reinforcement
      • Quadrafold Door Frame & Fortress Fold Door Design
      • 7 Gauge Solid Steel, Uni-Body Construction
      • Eleven 1 ½” Thick Solid Steel Locking Bolts
      • U.L. Rated S&G Group II Mechanical Dial Lock
      • 90 Minute Fire Rating Minutes at 1680°
      • EasyGlide Concealed Ball-bearing Hinges
      • Drill Stop Hard Plate with Recesses Multi-bearings
      • Multiple Textured or Gloss Paint Options
      • Three Hardware Color Options
      • Premium Door Panel Organizer
      • Power Outlet
      • Fabric Lined Interior (Multiple Color Options)
      • Adjustable Shelves
      • 5-Spoke Wheel Turn Handle
      • Lifetime Factory Warranty

    Color Option:
    Textured Dark Granite
    Jet Black Gloss
    Mercedes Silver Gloss
    Textured Light Granite
    Platinum Gloss
    Textured Rimrock
    Brilliant White Gloss
    Ivory Gloss
    Root Beer Brown Gloss
    Black Cherry Gloss
    Burgundy Wine Gloss
    Champagne Gloss
    Midnight Blue Gloss
    Sage Green Gloss
    Forest Green Gloss
    Copper Gloss
    Distressed Finish
    Hardware Color Option:
    Black Chrome

    • With a 90 minute fire rating, lifetime warranty and 7 gauge body, the Fort Knox Protector 4026 embodies its name and protects your priceless valuables.

      With exacting details and precise manufacturing processes, the Protector 4026 home safe is not only affordable but what the rest of the industry wishes it could build.

      Cranking up the heat to 1680°, the Fort Knox Protector 4026 is certified for 90 minutes of inferno fire protection. This is accomplished with the 1-3/4" reinforced fire door consisting of a 3/8" steel plate, 2 layers of C-rated fire board and 10-gauge steel reinforcement. Add in the heat activated Palusol dual thermal door seal and your vault will be locked, sealed and ready to block the worst that flames have to offer.

      When it comes to security, the Fort Knox Protector 4026 is UL listed due to its 7 gauge, uni-body construction, remote relocker system, drill deflector bolt guard, EasyGlide concealed ball-bearing hinges and patented multi-gear drive, 5 to 1 reduction rack & pinion locking mechanism with up to 55 rack and pinion machined gears. Combine all of that security with (11) 1.5" active solid steel locking bolts strategically placed at the sides, top and bottom of the door and you have a vault that is extremely difficult to get into, even when you know what you're doing.

      On the door of the Fort Knox Protector 4026 lies a S&G Group II manipulation resistant lock, spy-proof & key lock dial protected by a drill stop hard plate with recessed multi-bearings. After you dial in the correct combination, you'll turn the 5 spoke clutch drive handle available in gold, chrome or black chrome and see the beautiful two tone interior. On the back of the door lies a very handy door panel organizer that will allow you to keep your smaller items like pistols, passports, magazines available and organized. All sides of the safe consist of velcro compatible carpeting for additional storage room.

      In terms of functionality, the internal power supply system will allow you to plug in your dehumidifier and other various electronics. While the door is open the bolt detent system will keep the bolts secured inside the door until the door is securely closed.

      Fort Knox believes in and stands behind the quality and workmanship of the Protector 4026 home safe by offering a comprehensive lifetime factory warranty.