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    CALL OUR SAFE EXPERTS AT 800-827-7534






    CALL OUR SAFE EXPERTS AT 800-827-7534

    Storage & Moving

    Los Angeles' #1 Safe Movers for Over 35 Years

    You can trust Dean Safe to move your safe expertly and discreetly -- we guarantee it!

    Loading up for a safe move

    Our Team Is Trustworthy.

    Here at Dean Safe, we employ our own safe movers.

    Safe moving in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas has been our specialty for the last 35 years. We have the equipment and expertise to move safes weighing up to 5,000 pounds to anywhere in Southern California. For your protection and security, we move your safe in unmarked trucks.

    Whether it's a simple move from one side of the room to the other, or a complicated move involving multiple staircases and other obstacles, safe and vault moving is a potentially dangerous and difficult task.

    Keep in mind that we can also bolt the safe down into concrete at your new location, whether in the garage or in homeon the bottom floor. (*Please Note: Safes cannot be bolted into a raised foundation or second floor, or post-tension slabs.)

    We also offer storage for your safe at a competitive and convenient monthly rate.

    Are you moving out of our service area or out of state?

    We can still help you.

    We will come to your present location, pick up the safe and bring it back to our warehouse. We will then place it on and bolt it to a pallet. We wrap the safe in protective materials and box it. Bands are secured tightly around the boxed safe and pallet. We can even build a custom crate for your safe to prevent damage to it during the moving process. A trucking company will pick up the safe from our warehouse and ship it to your new site or location of your choice. We will even get a shipping quote for you from our shipping company, or you can use a trucking company of your choice.

    Dean Safe will get your safe into your house with ingenuity and care.

    Do you need to have your safe stored or refurbished? With our large warehouse we can store your safe until you are ready, or our refurbishing facility will be glad to refinish that safe for you. Let us safeguard, refurbish, or move your safe or vault quickly and reliably.

    We Are Los Angeles' #1 Safe Movers

    By using experienced crews and the best in safe moving equipment, we've grown to become Los Angeles' most trusted safe movers. We keep our safe relocation prices competitive while still maintaining an impeccable safety record. Our "white-glove" service quickly and efficiently moves and delivers your safe.

    Getting your safe ready for the move:

    Here are a few things you can do to ensure your safe's move goes smoothly and safely and your valuables are not damaged:

    1. Remove everything from your safe before we get there! There are several reasons for this:
    • Transporting valuables separately will keep them from being damaged during the move. Otherwise, shifting weight will cause the contents of your safe to shift around as well, and loose items can fall and bang together.
    • If the safe is currently bolted down, we will need clean access to the floor of your safe in order to release it from the bolts.
    • The added weight inside the safe is just that - added weight. Removing the contents helps us protect you, your property and our crews.
    • The safe is going to be tilted and turned during the moving process. Contents inside the safe will shift and can cause the weight load to change.
    • Road conditions are totally unpredictable. Traveling over dirt or gravel roads and pot-holed roads can make for a bumpy ride. Loose items will bounce around inside the safe.
    • Clear the path to the safe.
    • Remove or push aside any furniture that may block the direct path of removing your safe from inside your home or garage.
    • Remove any throw rugs that can become tangled in our equipment or trip the movers.
    • If your safe is tucked into a closet or in tight confines, please make every effort to clear away any obstacles that might hinder the move. If there are permanent fixtures involved, not to worry. Our teams carry all types of equipment with them and will have whatever is necessary to remove the safe from tight spaces.
    • If your safe is in the garage, please be sure that we have enough room to get our equipment into the spot where the safe is. This includes a fairly large furniture-type dolly.
    Due to the volume of deliveries Dean Safe makes, we employ our own teams for moving and delivering safes in the Los Angeles area.
    • Have a predetermined designated spot for the safe at the new location.
    • Make sure that you have measured doorways and hallways to ensure the safe will fit in your new desired location.
    • If stairs are involved at either the new or the old location, please notify us at the time the appointment is made. Please keep in mind that we can manage almost all stair jobs with the exception of circular staircases. Slightly curved staircases are okay, but the tight circular staircases will not handle our equipment.
    • Staircases with landings usually do not present a problem; however, we may ask you to measure the landing to make sure we have enough room to operate our stair-climbing equipment, the safe and our personnel.
    • Always have an alternative location for the safe if for any reason it cannot be put into your first choice. This is especially important when your first choice is upstairs.
    Call for a quote: 800-827-7534

    Have the following information ready:

    1. Make & Model of Safe OR Safe's Dimensions & Weight
    2. For Pick-Up:
    • Is the safe currently inside the home or the garage?
    • Is the safe currently bolted down?
    • Are there any stairs leading out of the location of the safe?
    • For the Move:
    • Will the safe be going into a home or garage?
    • Are we bolting the safe into the new location?
    • Are there any stairs leading to the new location of the safe? If so, how many?