How to change a combination on Simplex Locks

Simplex Lock Instructions for opening and changing combinations

How to change the combination on Simplex Locks

Video Transcript:
Hi, I am Mary from DeanSafe, and today we're going to show you how to set a combination.

What you do is you start with your door locked shut, you are going to turn your knob left counterclockwise that, clears out whatever combination buttons have been pushed. You enter the existing combination, either the factory setting it came to you on, or whatever you have it set to now.

After you enter that code you turn your knob to the right clockwise and that opens it. Once you have it opened, you are going to turn it back left counterclockwise to lock it. So now it is locked with the door open. At this point you are going to enter the existing combination so again whatever you just push to open it you just push those buttons but do not turn the knob now we are going to the inside, and at the bottom of the lock we've got a little tab here what we are going to do is push this little tab up and into the lock, and you will just kind of hear it click in place and then we can go back to the outside of the door we are going to take our knob and turn it left or counterclockwise.

Now we have just cleared out the existing combination. Now we are ready to send our new code. So for example if we want our code to be one, two, three, four, five - Just to go right down the line, push the buttons as we want them, and now very critical, we take our knob, and we turn to the right, or clockwise, once we have done that we have set our code. Now we turn it back left, counterclockwise and our new code should be set. So we're going to just double-check it. So we push in the code, one, two, three, four, five, and to unlock we are turning clockwise to the right and we are all unlocked.

Check it again. And right, we are set. Now for the test, we are going to shut the door and lock it again. Check it again. And it works.

You know one thing I do recommend is that when you set a new code, you go back and do it several times the first day you set it. Tomorrow, go back do it a couple more times. And for the first week you have the safe and that code, do that code several times so that it becomes ingrained, so that if you have to enter that safe in a hurry, you don't have to stop and think about, what's my code, you have it memorized and its second nature to you