Amsec BF7250 Gun Safe Video

Amsec BF7250 Gun Safe Video

Video Transcript:

Hi my name is John Dean with Dean Security and I would pleased to show you this new 7250 Gun Safe by American Security Products. It is a BF model which means fire and burglary. I want to point out some of the great features on this safe It has a wonderful black textured paint finish It really shines and also easy to touch up if you get a little scratch in it. It has a massive pull handle, because this door is heavy. It is a 3/8" steel plate door on the outside, and with the usual fire resistant material hardplate and other steel on the inside, probably about 3-3/4 inches all together. I'll show you that in a second.

It has a five spoke handle which adds to its attractiveness. And as an exclusive feature for Dean Security we at no extra charge offer you this grade one high security digital lock. You can get in five times faster then a dial. I think you will really like it. Take a look at this. We have this set on the factory code which is very user friendly. The user gets it. See how quick that is you can put in your own combination. He doesn't have to hire a locksmith to do it. It is easy to do and he'll be the only person who knows that combination.

A set of drawers, some of the features of this shelving unit are really nice, it has several little pockets on here and it has a slit for the rings, to be put in. Another compartment is very similar a drawer that pulls out for fine watches and those are cute, I guess you wrap you watch around that. Just one big drawer another drawer that is similar, and then of course a file drawer that is a good deal how do you beat that?

If you have this safe in a garage or a closet it is going to look like a cave, once you get this light kit in there it looks fantastic. Now it hardly looks like a rifle safe, it could be a collectors safe or use it for pretty much anything, but, it is a rifle safe in disguise, Now watch this you can take this part out and you can remove these shelves and this becomes a 12 gun safe. You can also do it on this side. You can remove these shelves and it becomes a 12 gun safe or a 24 gun safe and if you really run out of room, you can remove the center section and the shelving unit and you can get even more rifles in This is an outstanding product.

Take a look at how thick this door is, this is 3/8 inch steel, this is reinforced steel that is filled with a fire retardant substance this is the frame that helps support it and this has a mercury class 2 - 90 minute fire rating. Thanks