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    A Liberty Gun Safe Exploded With Dynamite

    Exploding a Liberty Gun Safe with Dynamite

    Video Transcript:

    So how many sticks of dynamite we gonna put on here?


    Four of them, okay good.

    Jamie, what are you guys doing here?

    Well, I will tell you what. We have brought in the bomb squad this time.

    We've tried shooting this safe so we decided we're going to stick four pieces of dynamite on the top of this safe and see if we can blow open the door. This is kind of the finale for the safe torture test.

    We have tried to pry it open, we dropped it from a crane basically, we drug it up a mountain. We dropped it off a mountain, we shot it with guns.

    So, you are just going to blow it up.

    That's right. This is one way, we think we can get this door open. Four pieces of dynamite. All right let us give it a shot.

    You guys. You guys are the experts. We have Diamond Bar Explosives here. These guys are certified, do not try this at home.

    How powerful is this stuff. This is forty percent nitro, straight dynamite. Shoots at fourteen thousand feet per second.

    Fourteen thousand feet per second.

    Well the gun guys watching this thing understand how that works.

    Yes. The detonation cord shoots at around twenty-three to twenty-six thousand. Twenty six thousand feet per second and we are going to put four sticks of dynamite in this thing.

    The door opens in this direction so if we put one more right over on this side... Put one right there... that'll help.

    You know Ryan, one nice thing about this Presidential, is not only do we use a composite door, we also put a quarter-inch plate of steel behind this composite door, that helps to prevent anything like this from happening. Well, you guys have seen it all, with people trying to break into a Liberty Safe. All kinds of prying, drilling, punching, everything to try to break into a safe through the door. And it is pretty tough to do. This would kinda be the end all, be all, as far as... This would be the Oceans Eleven treatment. This is it. Okay, now what are you going to do here with the wire? This is detcord. Detcord is explosive, and you are going to wrap that around the safe.

    Yeah, we are.

    I was hearing that detcord is as powerful or more powerful then dynamite. It is quicker, it shoots a lot faster. Around twenty two to twenty six thousand. Which is the rate of detonation is what gives your explosives their... And so when you detonate this, how quick does the flame go up the cord?

    No flame, it is an explosion?

    Yeah, that's an actual explosive inside there.

    So it instantaneous?

    Yep, instantaneous.

    All right it looks like we about got it set up now.

    How do you have to attach this?

    We are gonna, we are gonna attach this to more detcord, that is going to come out to a blasting cap. It is gonna come off of this last charge that goes off right here behind us. The wall of fire. The wall of fire, now we're looking forward to that!

    What do you guys think this is going to do wrapping the cord around? You just want to give it a little bit more pizzazz didn't ya?

    It is going to give it pizzazz. It is a heavier detonator cord you can use it to cut trees.

    Really ok, so if you wrap this around enough, you could cut the safe.

    All right. The guys say that we've got to get back they're about ready to blow this thing.

    I want to say that we have taken a lot of safety precautions with this thing.

    We have the local fire department here, we got the experts doing it. So we are were doing it the right way, but they say we gotta get back, because this thing is going to blow!

    Let us go, Ryan.

    We got our engine, and our brush truck with about 750 or 800 gallons of water.

    Looking forward to seeing what goes on.

    Seeing how this turns out.

    It will be interesting to see,

    Okay, we have backed up about two hundred yards from this thing.

    And we are going to see if we can blow this safe up.

    What do you think, Jamie.

    Yeah, yeah let us do it, Ryan.

    Pull the trigger.

    Fire in the hole.

    Fire in the hole.

    Fire in the hole.

    Check it out!

    Let us go check it out!

    Well, you we know what I say? Any day that you can blow something up is a good day. Let's take a look at this thing.

    I'll tell you that dynamite, look at what that Dynamite did. Well, they were not kidding about that the dynamite.

    A couple of huge gaps there.

    Let's check the handle

    Did it open?

    That safe door is locked shut tight! Whew!

    Well, I guess that goes to show you, you can even blow it up but it's still not going to open.


    In fact the nice thing about our safes, that is why we build safes is to protect people's valuables no matter what people do to get in them.

    Thanks for all the help and thanks for letting us torture your safe.

    Well anytime, you come on out here and we will put the safe to the test.