Eclipse Tri-Bolt 3 Floor Safe

Eclipse Tri-Bolt 3 Floor Safe

Floor Safe
Tri Bolt-3


  • Outside Dimensions: 13 3/8" L x 13 13/16" W x 20" D
  • Inside Dimensions: 13" L x 13 3/7" W x 15 1/8" D
  • 2640 cubic inches
  • Weight: 98 lbs.
  • Great For Wood Floors Or RV's

This product has a lead time of roughly 2 - 3 weeks before shipping. For same day shipping please see the Eclipse B-Lift series.
Item # Eclipse_Tri-bolt-3
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Wood Floor or RV Option::
Wall Safe Option:
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Use the Eclipse Tri Bolt-3 floor safe to secure your valuables away from burglars and robbers.

The safe features a hinged lid with three locking bolts and a heavy spring that assists in opening and closing the door.

The TriBolt floor safes are available in four different sizes, this being the third largest. The large door opening makes access trouble-free.

There is a one-year manufacturer's warranty, plus a lifetime warranty on all spring parts. This safe is superior quality and is AMERICAN MADE!

Wall Safe, Wood Floor or RV Options:

Eclipse offers an option that will turn this floor safe into a wall safe. First they move the door out towards to the front of the safe, giving you a bit more room in the safe itself. Two holes are drilled on each side of the safe, plus the top and bottom, so that it can be bolted into wall studs. A shelf strip is added on the inside allowing a shelf, giving you more storage space. And finally, a 1-1/2-inch flange is added around the perimeter of the safe to hide the rough cut in the drywall. This means you don't have to be absolutely perfect in cutting the hole -- there is a little fudging room. Remember to make sure you have enough depth in your wall (or dead space behind your wall) to allow for the extra depth.

The Tribolt safe can also be used in wood floors, raised foundations or an RV. By adding the bolt holes and flange around the edge, this safe can be inserted into the floor. Simply cut a hole the size of the body of the safe and slide it down in. The flange around the edge hides the cut and helps hold the safe up. Bolt holes predrilled in the sides allow fastening to floor joists or studs.

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