Liberty SafElert Gun Safe Alarm

Liberty SafElert Gun Safe Alarm
Liberty SafElert Gun Safe Alarm
Liberty SafElert Gun Safe Alarm
Liberty SafElert Gun Safe Alarm

Gun Safe Alarm

Alerts You When Your Safe is Compromised

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Ever wonder about your safe when on vacation or away on the job?
Or maybe you have an out-of-town place where you keep some weapons. Is someone trying to get in?
Has your dehumidifier failed, sending moisture levels soaring?

A Liberty SafElert gun safe alarm will instantly text or email you about any unusual events or environmental changes.

Works in Any Safe!

The main reason we buy safes is to protect our valuables, whatever they may be. Unfortunately, burglaries, fires, humidity, and other extraneous events create a risk towards our valuables that we can't always control.

Imagine the peace of mind you would have if you could receive a text message and e-mail every time your safe door was opened or moved, every time the temperature or humidity exceeds a desired range, or every time it was moved or shaken. This is exactly what our friends over at Liberty were thinking when they developed the SafElert.

The device is actually quite simple, it's a little battery-operated sensing device that is put inside your safe. It's equipped with 5 different alarms that automatically warn you when anything unfavorable is happening to your safe.

The SafElert uses your home WIFI to connect to the internet cloud service It can send up to 5 recipients an alert when any of your trigger points are reached. You can activate one, some, or all alarms to alert you by text message, e-mail, or both. You can also decide who you would like to be contacted should a disturbance occur.

Please note that the Liberty SafElert requires a monitoring package through to work. The monitoring service is now FREE! Liberty has dropped the monthly service fee and is now providing the service free of charge!

  • Safe Burglar Alarm: Opening and closing of the safe (or room) door triggers the Liberty SafElert's intrusion alarm.
  • Safe Movement Alarm: The built-in motion sensor alarms on safe movement resulting from tampering or an attempt to remove the safe from the premises
  • Shock Sensor: Alerts if the safe detects forceful impacts or strong vibrations
  • Safe Temperature Alarm: Built-in heat sensor warns you when temperature increases or decreases beyond your desired range
  • Safe Moisture Alarm: The SafElert includes an integrated humidity alarm / moisture sensor to let you know if your safe's contents are at risk of rust or mildew damage
  • Low Battery Warning: You'll know when the unit needs fresh batteries to stay on the job -- because it will tell you.
  • Loss of Internet Connection: Protection cannot be defeated
    merely by disconnecting internet or power
Set up is with an easy web browser interface. All you have to know how to do is read a text or email message.

Liberty now offers FREE text and email monitoring alerts for the life of unit.

The Safelert gun safe alarm system is in stock and available now.


  • Tells you when your safe door opens or closes
  • Tells you when there is a change in temperature (either up or down)
  • Tells you what the humidity is
  • Alerts you to movement in the safe, even if the combination is turned or the electronic lock is pressed (motion sensor)
  • Notifies you when your battery is low or internet connection is lost
  • Includes Velcro mounting square
  • Runs for a year on two AA alkalines (included)

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