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Southern California's Most Trusted Safe Stores!

Three locations! With stores in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, West L.A. in Culver City, and Ventura County's Simi Valley, we have Southern California's largest selection of gun safes and the biggest safe inventory on the web.

From gun safes, home safes, office safes, wall safes and drop safes to commercial grade jewelry safes and all kinds of safe accessories, you'll get your best deal on protecting your valuables at Dean Safe.

Stealth XL Velcro Pistol Holster with Side Clip Attachment
Regular price: $24.99
Sale price: $14.99

SentrySafe Home Defense Center
Regular price: $739.00
Sale price: $449.00

American Security C3 Star C-Rate Tube Floor Safe
Regular price: $479.00
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American Security BF6032 Gun Safe
Regular price: $2,580.00
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Amsec FV6032 Gun Safe
Regular price: $1,313.00
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Rhino Ironworks IronAF7242X Gun Safe
Regular price: $4,399.99
Sale price: $3,499.99

Liberty Fatboy Jr. Gun Safe
Regular price: $1,659.00
Sale price: $1,349.00

American Security PS1210HD Pistol Safe
Regular price: $269.99
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Fort Knox Defender 6031 Gun Safe

Sentry Safe QAP1BE Biometric Pistol Box
Regular price: $219.00
Sale price: $189.00

SecureIt Tactical Falcon Fast Access Firearm Storage
Regular price: $399.99
Sale price: $199.00

SecureIt Tactical MILSPEC Kit
Regular price: $399.00
Sale price: $199.00

Welcome to Dean Safe!

If this is your first time at Dean Safe, I’d like to welcome you to our online store. The first safe store on the internet, Dean Safe first launched our online catalog on the web in 1996 (not all that long after Amazon!), but at our safe stores we've been selling great products at cheap prices since 1978. We took to the WWW like a duck to water, and we found that our customers really like reading the articles and info we post (and the how-to videos we make) about our opinions and recommendations on top-rated gear. And while they love the convenience that comes from ordering online, we're always just a toll-free phone call away (at 800-827-7534.)


We stock the finest brands in security today, including American Security (Amsec), Cannon, Fort Knox, Liberty, National Security, Sentry, Stack-On, Stealth, V-Line and Winchester. (We also usually have a fair inventory of used units in our warehouse.)


Many of our products offer free shipping and/or promotional pricing that is close to our wholesale price. Typically, we sell most products well under MSRP (manufacturers' suggested retail price). While we're not always the cheapest, we do offer everyday low prices. And while we're on the short-list of customers who are comparing prices and looking for the deepest discounts, our service is unmatched. In fact, much of our business is from the referrals of happy customers -- the consumer reports we get are terrific!

We proudly stand behind the products we carry. We offer reviews and product recommendations of safes we feel are true standouts, and we provide buyer's guides to help shoppers choose safes and accessories we think are especially great deals.

You save when you shop our online catalogue. Sure, you could spend all day looking for online promo codes, coupons and discount codes, but when you're ready to buy a safe, you can be confident that we'll give you the best combination of price, selection and service you can find online.

While many customers are trying to find clearance-priced items through an outlet dealer or overstock, we recommend that when you shop online you make sure you buy through an authorized Internet dealer so that you're protected in case you need to use your warranty. Also, you may not know that the safes some manufacturers sell under their own names through "big box" stores are actually an "economy" line built to a different standard than the safes they distribute through us.

We don't carry these inferior versions. In safes, as in so many things in life, you really do get what you pay for.

Areas Served

For over thirty years, we've been California's most trusted source for safes. Through our local stores, we provide in-person service to Los Angeles County and Ventura County, as well as communities like Oxnard, West L.A. and Santa Clarita. And of course, we serve the entire United States through this website, and we can even ship abroad.

I've been in the safe business my entire working life. While I've been a wholesaler and retailer the past twenty years, I also spent years working for a major safe manufacturer, so I know what to look for in how a safe was made. I know how to tell if corners have been cut...and I also know if a manufacturer is determined to provide a quality safe.

The truth is, I'm really picky about what I carry. Frankly, I could make a lot more if I were willing to sell poorly-made knockoffs. It's just not in me to do that. My name's on the business and I like being proud of what I do. I like that my customers keep coming back for years. And I like that when I run into them at gun shows, they treat me like family -- because that's how I treat them.

At Dean Safe, three generations of Deans (and a wonderful bunch of non-family staffers!) are hard at work making sure you get your perfect safe at a price you'll love.

I hope you'll let our family help protect your family.

John Dean