Gun Safe Accessories — Organize Your Safe The Way You Want It!

Gun Safe Accessories John Dean
John Dean Says: Gun safe accessories add personality and functionality to your secure weapon storage. They're an opportunity to organize your valuable collection exactly the way you want. They let you get the most out of your safe investment by allowing you to use your safe's capacity more efficiently...and they keep your guns and jewelry safe from scratches or rust and moisture damage caused by condensation in the absence of humidity control.

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Velcro Handgun Holsters

Acorn handgun holsters are available singly and in economical five and ten packs. These "velcro pockets" secure pistols and other items onto most safe interiors, many types of carpet, and any material that is velcro-friendly.


The Eva-Dry E-500 safe dehumidifier is a convenient, low-maintenance way to control the moisture content of the air in your safe. The crystals in these units absorb water molecules from the air for up to six months. Once saturated, they are easily re-chargeable by plugging into a standard household AC outlet, letting the built-in heater dry out the crystals.

The twelve-inch, sixteen-inch, and eighteen-inch electric safe dehumidifier rods we carry need AC power, but require no maintenance at all. These rods are placed at the bottom of your safe. As the cool air descends inside, the dehumidifier rod heats the air, cutting humidity while making the air rise to the top of the safe. A constant, gentle cycle of warm, dry air circulates inside your safe, protecting the contents. Condensation, the cause of rust, mildew and other moisture damage inside safes, is prevented.

Pistol Racks

Wire or padded pistol racks store your guns by setting them up rather then having them lay down. Dean Safe offers several sizes and types of racks, including four gun and six gun wire racks by Dri-Rod, Stack-On's stackable four-gun rack, and a plush padded five-gun pistol holder.

Gun Safe Door Organizers

Safe door organizers and door-mounted panel storage systems save shelf space and keep your pistols, ammunition and or other items on the door within easy reach, thus saving tons of shelf space. Dean Safe stocks a broad selection of these hanger systems. We carry the Cannon Door Panel Pistol Kit, which utilizes Velcro material to hold handgun holsters securely in place on the door to free up precious storage space on your shelves. For the economy minded, we carry the Stack-on SPAO-3317 and the SPAO-148.

But if you're like us and think there's no such thing as too many compartments in your gun safe, we also carry the Liberty Safe Door Panel Accessory Kit in six sizes: the Model 12, Model 17, Model 20-23-25, Model 35-40, the Model 48-64 and the Model 50. The Liberty door panels feature multiple pockets for handguns, documents and other items.

Our Liberty door organizers are particularly popular due to the fact that they'll fit many brands of safes (not just Liberty safes):

If you have any questions about whether the Liberty door organizers (or any of the safe organizers we stock) will work for your safe, just call us at (800) 827-7534. We'll be happy to help.

Safe Drawers

We stock the beautiful two-drawer maple wood Amsec safe drawer module that offers ample storage for hanging files in the deep drawer, and personal items such as jewelry, coins, and small collectibles in the upper drawer. (It's also available in a four-drawer version.) We also carry Liberty Safe's elegant, plush undershelf jewelry drawer in four sizes. To make sure you have the right size jewelry drawer for your safe, just give us a call.

Safe Lighting

Stop rummaging around in the dark! Let our wide variety of lights for safes turn those dark corners into showplaces. Amsec's compact clip-on light provides a blast of bright light every time you open your safe's door, and the batteries will last as long as a year. And Lockdown's safe lighting kit fills your safe with a gentle beautiful glow, yet is reasonably priced.

Silicone "Gun Sock" Gun Protectors

Made specifically for hand guns, jewelry and rifles, these gun socks offer protection from rust damage. They are silicone-treated and actually wick the moisture away from the gun to keep it protected. They are available in a variety of sizes from the 13.5" pistol gun sock (which you can buy one at a time or in a package of five for those large collections) to the 52 inch Rifle/Shotgun Magnum Gun Socks (also available separately or in a package of six). We also offer the 42 inch Sack-Ups alone or in a package of six, making it more economical to buy the multi-pack.

Have your safe the way you want it, with safe accessories from Dean Safe.