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Cannon Door Panel Pistol Kit handgun pockets
The Cannon Door Panel Pistol Kit comes with six pounches for handguns, as well as a pouch for paperwork and other valuables.

Do you have very little room in your cluttered safe? Do you want to organize your handgun and smaller items that are using up precious shelf space? This door panel organizer/pistol kit is made by Cannon and fits most Cannon safes. It features six Pistol Pockets and one Large zippered pocket.

Top hooks on the Cannon Door Panel Pistol kit
Cannon Safes are made with slots in the top and the bottom of their doors for their door panel accessory kit's hooks to slide into.

So straighten up and organize your safe and you will have more room to put your valuables. This door pocket system is easy to install even when you don't have a Cannon safe. You may have to bend the clips out a little further to put them onto your door panel, but it is easy enough to adjust them for that application.

Top hook application when you have the panel on the outside of the door frame
The Cannon Door Panel Pistol Kit will fit onto a safe that has the panel on the outside of the door of the frame. You may have to adjust the clips by making them a little bit wider.

  • Hooks on to the back of most 60-inch and 72-inch high gun safe doors. Holsters and pockets attach to panel with hook and loop fasteners.
  • Kit comes with six pistol pockets and one large pocket.
  • The kit is set up for slots or a thin door back door cover. If it has drywall or fireliner screwed to the back of the door, you'll need to bend the clips to fit.
  • Top and bottom view above shows how hooks attach to doors.
  • Panel measures 13.5 inches wide x 43 inches long
Bottom hook on the Cannon Door Panel Pistol Kit
The bottom clip easily slides into the holes that are provided on your Cannon safe.

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