Vault doors protect an entire room

Vaults & Vault Doors
John Dean
John Dean Says: When you have outgrown all safes, the next step is a vault door added to a reinforced room to create an entire room to store valuables in. You can also use it for a safe room as well. Installing a vault door allows you to store large items that will not fit into any size safe, such as artwork, heirlooms, or other large collectibles.

  • Protect personal heirlooms, jewelry, photographs, works of art, as well as guns
  • Has an inside release on the interior of the door to allow exit if the door closes
  • Create a safe-room, also known as a panic room, that protects your family in a home invasion robbery

Liberty Vault Door
Regular price: $6,419.00
Sale price: $5,399.00
American Security VD8030SF Vault Door
Regular price: $3,999.00
Sale price: $3,032.00
American Security VD8030BF Vault Door
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Fort Knox Executive 8240 Vault Door
Regular price: $6,282.00
Sale price: $4,225.00
Fort Knox In-Swing 8240 Vault Door
Regular price: $7,114.00
Sale price: $4,815.00

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