Liberty Brightview 10981 Safe Light Kit

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Is your safe tucked away in a closet, dark corner, or garage?

Imagine it's the middle of the night, you need to get in your gun safe fast without turning a light on. Suppose you are able to get it open, but you can't see anything inside because of how dark it is. How will you grab your gun and equip it in time to protect yourself?

This is exactly what our friends were thinking over at Liberty when they developed the Brightview LED Light Kit 2 Wands. The light wands can be positioned anywhere in your safe, closet or cabinet to provide superior lighting regardless of the shelf configuration.

You simply mount each light wand to the inside of your safe with the push pins provided. It's size allows it to light up the entire interior of the safe.

The light sensor technology turns on the second any light enters into the safe and shuts off automatically.

Outfit your safe with bright, beautiful lighting with the Liberty Brightview 2 wand LED light kit.


  • Light activated sensor
  • Sensor easily adjusts for up to 5 minutes of working time
  • Easy to install
  • Includes push pins (to install lights) and batteries
  • Highly efficient for a longer battery life
  • Alerts you when the battery is low

The video below shows you how to install your new Brightview LED Safe Light Kit:

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